WARRENTON, OR (KPTV) - As students around the state continue with distance learning, many parents are growing frustrated that they can't always help their children with their work.

Emma Jasmin, a ninth grader at Warrenton High School, found herself overwhelmed by her math assignments.

"On the program they have these videos where the teacher talks to you, they explain the warm-up and instruction and then they let you do it on your own," Jasmin said. "That was way different than I had ever known."

Emma's mom, Carrie, found herself equally frustrated, if not more so.

Worried about her daughter's slipping grades, she eventually reached out to a private tutoring service.

"I didn't want to be that parent," Carrie Jasmin said. "She didn't have as much confidence in me as I was trying to re-learn math."

North Avenue Education CEO Scott Clyburn, whose company now provides tutoring services for Emma, said he's heard from parents frustrated with their children's math schoolwork since Oregon adopted Common Core standards in 2014.

Parents still might be able to come up with the right answers, but sometimes can't help their kids show the work in the way teachers expect.

"Instead of focusing on the ability to compute and solve problems, the Common Core standards tend to stress the understanding of underlying concepts, so it's not so much about getting the right answer, however possible, it's the ability to explain how you got there," Clyburn said.

Carrie Jasmin said the extra help isn't cheap, but she's able to pay for tutoring sessions here and there, an hour at a time, and so far has been pleased with the results.

"Before we were just hoping that she'd get a C and pass," Carrie said. "So I think it has boosted her confidence enough to know that with hard work, it pays off."

Paying for private tutoring isn't an option for all families, but school districts around the state have said teachers are available for one-on-one help during the day, and students and parents should feel comfortable asking for extra instruction time.

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Our kids would be much better off with tutors outside the public school system. The unions who controlled teachers do not care about qualifications, only how much they get paid. It's one of the easiest degrees to obtain and then only a small percentage of those who do are any good as teachers.

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