PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - There is frustration growing about protests in downtown Portland that over the past few nights have turned violent.

People across the metro area have reached out to FOX 12 wondering when it will stop, curious if the original message is getting lost in the violence.

The images out of downtown Portland recently have been a point of political discussions across the state and country.

Businesses in the downtown core remain boarded, with many saying they have been like this for weeks after protests turned into riots over the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

In the last week, the flash point has been between Federal police and protesters in front of the Federal Courthouse. Those demonstrations have ended in the past few nights with tear gas and fireworks.

A husband and wife reached out to FOX 12, saying one of them works downtown and they don’t feel safe going down there.

Marilyn George said she too doesn’t feel safe going to downtown. George, who grew up in the metro area, now lives in Oklahoma. She says typically when she comes to visit family, they go downtown to shop or get something to eat at a restaurant on the waterfront. She says this time around, that is not happening because she doesn’t feel safe.

She also questions the message behind the current protests.

“I am angry about this and no one seems to care, no one seems to be doing anything and, to be quite honest, I don’t remember what started this with the protesters, do they even remember?” George said. “That is what I would like to know. They have belabored their point, whatever it once was.”

The Portland Business Alliances says downtown has lost millions of dollars. In June, they said that number was $23 million. They say there is no updated data available as it is too difficult to fully know the impact.

Businesses in downtown Portland have closed and others are thinking of closing because of a combination of factors from the protests to COVID-19.


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(7) comments


This administration has waged a war on the poor. The symptom was the police killings of unarmed black people and the president's pleasure in supporting the confederate flag, right wing militias as good people, and remaining silent when opportunities for advocacy presented.

If the handling of this pandemic and the administrations relentless efforts to repeal affordable health care and muddy their own responsibility by lying and covering the truth isn't enough, perhaps a review of his heroes and then a look at these city streets should clear it up. Kim Jong Un, Putin, and Trump.

Here we are. Greatest country in the world, 7 months into the administration knowing Covid-19 was here and spreading, and we are no where nearer having any of the supplies necessary for response, hospital equipment remains lacking, ICU's overrun, and there going to throw kids into public schools with no real plan.


Please cite your sources, for your rant.

Mr Q

It’s only taken 50+ days for the CITIZENS of Portland to see who the “Mayor” is actually supporting


Thank you Mayor "Spineless" Wheeler, Commissioner "I hate Cops" Hardesty and Governor "What am I supposed to say?" Brown. These three idiots have allowed this to continue and without Police and Federal Officers, we would have NO downtown.


What is happening in downtown Portland is pure evil. This isn't protesting. These are outrageous acts of violence. They're insane. The governor and mayor have completely turned their back on the people. Then those two have the audacity to blame the President. Couldn't be their fault???😳😳😳 Let the Man in Charge send the troops in to clean their mess up!! Gather up all these thugs and charge them with felonies


I couldn't have said it better. The citizens who are silent, in comparison to the thuggery going on, are done with the madness. If law enforcement is not allowed to do what they do, you will have thuggery minded lawlessness running amok. We're seeing it now but the mayor and gov refuse to admit it and instead make it worse by their actions and words.


Federal troops on city streets? You have no concept of history. Guess your sense of safety or law and order because you are comforted is more important than the precedent. Got it, snowflake.

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