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Frederick Fukov

Nothing more sick than ultra liberal teachers and parents using children as props.


What kind of an idiot lets their child participate in this event where there are no precautions such as masks and distancing. Is it that important to express how wonderful and compassionate you think you are...?


Would you idiots please find something constructive to do for crikey sakes..*All Living Things Matter*[thumbup]


Do you call leaving comments on news websites and calling kids “idiots” productive?


You're an even bigger idiot. People are sick of the BLM bologna . It's common practice for the teachers and the Dems to shove the kids out there and pretend like "Oh, but it's for the kids" even to the point that they put their kids in danger for their own corrupt gains. So Aceydoosy go troll somewhere else and don't forget to give your friends at Antifa and BLM a big hug....without your mask, of course

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