Gas prices across the state have gone up seven cents in just the past week.


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Woke Eyesaidsir

This was caused by the VOTERS they get first blame in line ... Biden reads from a script that is juiced to make the Progressives squirm in their seats...This rise in prices is INTENDED..... do you remember when Clinton's Energy Sec stated that he WANTED to see gas prices go to 6, 7 dollars a gallon.??... paraphrasing him: this would make fossil fules cars obsolete sooner ... he want a windmill or solar panels atop every replacement vehicle !!


FYI, Oregon does not get their gas from Texas.


We get +90% from WA.


$3.00 by spring break. $3.50 - $4.00 by summer.

Mr Q

Thank you President Biden for allowing the foreign nation’s to dictate the Oil Prices in the US once again.


How can you blame Biden for the rise in gas prices? He does not control how much your gas is going to cost. How about you blame the gas companies who actually raise the price because they are greedy capitalist!


Oh, I can absolutely blame Slo Joe for this. The prices started increasing the moment he signed the executive order shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline project and putting 11,000+ people out of work. The price is up .50 per gallon since January 20.


So you think President Biden canceling the pipeline and all drilling on federal lands, has nothing to do with gas prices rising?


Thanks Joe, when gas prices rise so does everything else! Joe has lived off the backs of tax payers his whole adult life what does he care!!!


One of the benefits of having a Socialist “President”. Get used to it.

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