SALEM, OR (KPTV) – Governor Kate Brown announced on Tuesday updates to county risk levels under the state’s public health framework. With the statewide seven-day average increase for hospitalized COVID-19 patients dropping below 15%, the state no longer meets the statewide metrics for the Extreme Risk level.

Effective May 7, 15 counties will return to High Risk. In total, 24 counties will be at High Risk, four at Moderate Risk, and eight at Lower Risk. A complete list of counties and their risk levels is available here.

Governor Brown issued the following statement:

“Let me be clear: across the state, COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are still high, and Oregon is not out of the woods yet. However, we have met the hospitalization metric established by our health experts for counties to return to High Risk. From the beginning, I have said that returning counties to the Extreme Risk level was about preserving hospital capacity and saving lives. With our statewide hospitalization rate stabilizing, our hospitals should have the capacity to continue treating patients with severe cases of COVID-19 and other serious medical conditions in the coming weeks,” said Gov. Brown.

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Gov. Brown's handling of COVID has been over reaching and dictatorial. She is backing down on her restrictions because she is attempting to do damage control for her party. She wants another democrat to run the state. Oregonians are starting to push back and looking in the direction of a more common sense approach to state government.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Stan Pulliam in 2022, and she knows it.




I'm thinking she did this because of the federal lawsuit filed against her. I believe that lawsuit was filed yesterday.


Y'all are hilarious! If Kate Brown shuts stuff down....tantrum. If Kate Brown opens stuff up...whining. Grow up!


No Kate, let the people of Oregon be clear - you are a complete idiot. It is not about you and your faux concern about 'covid-19', it never has been. It is ALL about your quest for complete control.


Her and Nanc need to go have a drink, then head to the hair dressers.


With people across the state defying her mandates, she's losing control and she knows it!!!


Kate Brown is totally Devoid of any Leadership abilities. Restaurants are not solely responsible for any rise in Covid cases. Vaccination is now widely available. Why not require Vaccination proof to enter a Restaurant, or at least take an Infrared temperature. Or even dispense Vaccine at Restaurants? We DO NOT need Kate Brown to treat ALL Oregon residents like 6 yr-olds. And when the Oregon Tax Revenue runs short because of all this Heavy Handed restriction, DO NOT come to Oregon Residents for more Revenue!! I have never seen a more rudderless, reactionary State Government, and I have lived in quite a few places.

Kenny Rogers

Poor leadership at its finest lol.


100% agree!! But - OR voted it in and continues to not learn from past mistakes. Oregon/Portland will always be in competition with CA/WA in their quest to be the top seeded failures of America.

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