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SALEM, OR (KPTV) - Gov. Kate Brown has extended a state of emergency declaration for Oregon due to COVID-19 through Jan. 2, 2021.

Brown announced the extension for an additional 60 days on Tuesday.

The declaration is the “legal underpinning for the governor’s COVID-19 executive orders and the Oregon Health Authority’s health and safety guidance,” according to a statement from the governor’s office.

"Extending the COVID-19 state of emergency is not something I do lightly, but we know all too well that not taking action would mean an even greater loss of life. The second wave of COVID-19 has arrived in the United States, and this time it is hitting all of our communities,” Brown said.

Brown cited the deaths of 200,000 Americans in connection with the coronavirus, as well as Oregon setting a case count record last week with 550 new cases in one day.

On Tuesday, the Oregon Health Authority reported 391 additional confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 in Oregon, along with nine additional deaths linked to the virus.

Brown said her goals include reopening schools for in-person learning, and to reopen and keep open businesses.

“Put simply, the difficult work of controlling the statewide spread of this virus must continue, and must continue to evolve as we learn more and conditions change. This emergency is not over, and neither is our emergency response,” the executive order states.

The governor reviews and reevaluates emergency orders every 60 days to determine if they should be continued, modified or rescinded.

The full executive order can be found at this link.


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(21) comments


Sounds like the witch doesn't want anyone to see in the new year.

Frederick Fukov

Less than 1% of the 4 million Oregonians have been infected. Only .0165 % of Oregonians have died from it. What emergency?

Yes..fear mongering. This is what sells the liberal ideal. They prey upon the weak minded, who are chronic worriers, cowards, wimps and whiners. Oh, on the surface many appear to be very cerebral, but it's just pseudo-intellect. In reality, liberal voters are a bunch of mindless drones.


But they do love to remind everyone how smart they are. So smart. Much smarter than anyone they disagree with. Because those people, those people over there are dumb, therefore, their opinions don't matter. They are sub human, and stupid. But they are smart. Because they wield science like it's an answer (and not what it actually is, but the question) and love to drop tidbits they learned from their vagabond lifestyle (well that's not how NYC/Paris/Antarctica does it). But then, when the chips are down or they are called out for their hyperbole or double standards, they resort to wordsmithing (it's discriminations not racism.)


And yet someone keeps voting them in.


Retired- I am wondering about that. We do have mail in voting only, do you think the F word may be accurate here? Its a 5 letter word....


The folks in my neighborhood want a federal mask mandate as well as Federal level lockdowns. They are beyond insane. And yet these people gleefully marched with BLM this summer shoulder to shoulder. Beyond insane.


CLEARLY, shut downs and masks do NOT work, as cases keep rising (although, so do the numbers being tested). Why doesn't MSM mention the declining death rate and high number of those with underlying conditions? Fear mongering! On the plus side, pretty soon there won't be anything left in Portland for rioters to destroy, because everyone will have closed their business or moved away. Good riddance. You get what you vote for!


'won't be anything left in Portland for rioters to destroy' which means they start looking for other things to destroy in neighboring cities. Don't want that.


Oh we are looking forward to it. DA out here isnt a cull.


Isn't there a law somewhere that says it is illegal to dispense any kind of medical advice without a license? And isn't the tyrant queen dispensing medical advice without a license?


And the next thing this fine example of a governor will do is to cancel Thanksgiving like Newsom in commiefornia just did.


Worst governor in the country. She is beyond awful.

Son of Fukov

+ worst state legislature + worst state supreme court


No I thing the governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, has her beat but not by much. At least the Michigan Supreme Court stood up to her and put her in her place, which is more that what the Oregon Supreme Court did to the tyrant queen.


From, today:


Currently Infected Patients

79,772 (0.75%)

Serious or Critical

10,541,553 (99.25%)

in Mild Condition

I'd hate to see what she'd do, if faced with an actual emergency.




This is easy to do when your getting paid by the taxpayers while destroying the lives of many businesses and their employees and their life saving.

Punished Snake

And once again our insufferable excuse for a governor extends this "emergency". The left will never relinquish the power that the pinko pox has afforded them willingly. They would have us ceaselessly living in fear of our own shadows.


Looks like they censored my comment about comparing the tyrant queen governor of Oregon to the tyrant queen governor of Michigan. The only difference is that the Michigan Supreme court stood up to the Michigan tyrant queen and ruled her actions were unconstitutional.


I am just so tired of this woman! This state is so lucky we cant incorporate the electoral voting system using counties in this state, she would be GONE!


The tyrant queen would not know what a second wave was even if it sl{a}pped her across the face. It is all about power and her unwillingness to let go of it.

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