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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has extended her declaration of a state of emergency regarding COVID-19 for an additional 60 days, her office announced on Tuesday.

The state of emergency declaration is the legal underpinning for the executive orders the governor has issued in connection with COVID-19, including her orders on reopening Oregon while maintaining essential protections and orders around childcare, schools, and higher education operations. Extending the state of emergency declaration allows those orders to stay in effect, the governor's office says.

The state of emergency is now in place through Sept. 4.

“When I first declared a state of emergency due to the coronavirus, there were 14 cases of COVID-19 in Oregon,” Brown said. “Today, there have been over 8,600 cases, with over a quarter of those cases identified in the previous two weeks of June. While hospitalizations remain relatively low, we have seen how rapidly those numbers can climb … without a doubt, COVID-19 continues to pose a real and present threat to Oregonians in communities across the state, from Malheur County to Umatilla to Lincoln.”

Oregon Health Authority on Tuesday reported three additional deaths in Oregon due to COVID-19, raising the state’s death toll to 207. Health officials also reported 181 new confirmed and presumptive cases of coronavirus, bringing the state total 8,656.

Brown on Monday expanded Oregon’s face covering mandate statewide ahead of the holiday weekend. She said she did not want to close businesses again as has happened in other states that are seeing a spike in cases. She also urged people to keep July 4 celebrations small and local, saying the state saw a lot of new cases following Memorial Day.

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(29) comments

Kenny Rogers

Yet Ms. Brown and Mayor Theodore allowed thousands to march the streets without a care in the world. In other news, it's quite strange how goes straight to a "Support Kate Brown" website? Recall Kate Brown!


We can stand like free people or we can bow like subjects. I prefer being free, not subjucated to the whims of a tyrant.


She seems like a glass is .04% empty kind of person..

it's pretty obvious, her favorite part of the job is all that power.


Recall - Recall - Recall - Recall. Get her out of office now. Everyday she stays in office the mote damage she does to this state. She has already destroyed the enonomy and people's livelyhoods. Wake up!


I signed the latest recall petition yesterday.


I just signed the petition today. When hundreds can gather to protest (aka riot), but the rest of us are told to stay home, the jig is up. I'm done with her and this corona BS.


A state of emergency only applies if you are aren't protesting they have every right to gather just not everyone else!

Frederick Fukov

No dear..covid-19 presents a real threat to very old people who are already near death, and to those with underlying health problems that can be exacerbated by this virus. Most of us will never have any issues. What you're doing right now blatantly violates the state constitution. You don't have the power to declare this type of emergency, and to shut down commerce. You are THE worst example of what happens when the wrong people get into power. Thank you for illuminating just how important it will be to express ourselves with our vote for President come Nov. 3rd.


Nice of KPTV to allow me to comment again after saying that my comments are spam.


This is KPTV's version of temporarily suspending someones account.


Why stop at Sept, gov? Why didn't you just make it til Nov? It's part of the plan, I'm sure. Not like its obvious or anything.


Thats right. Sept 4 she will come out and say the state will be locked down until Nov 4.

Get those petitions signed and mailed in. Kate Brown needs removed.


Just let everyone die huh? Thanks Kate!


She has abused her powers long enough. This Covid thing is not serious as they are making it. She's committed crimes against our constitutional laws and rights also violated the color law. She is a true tyrant and must be removed. Where is justice here? First kitz now this woman. She's treasonous too for worjing with the Chinese government and giving up our port to them. Pompeo called her out on it too, yet she's still in office? Making people wear mask causes health issues I pray people file a lawsuit against her. Not to mention forcing establishments to get protective glass. Seems she's again abusing her powers along with those making the Covid an illegal way to push an agenda. Then social distancing what a crock of poo. Lol are people really biting all this propaganda and manipulation? Segregate typical Democrat. Enslave people typical Democrat. Their history says it all. Corrupt party over throwing our democracy and attacking our rights.

Eliza Cassan

Gov Clown strikes again


Kate Brown is the WORST communist leader that this country has ever seen. Her goal is to murder all small businesses, engorge the unemployment masses, close churches and grow government. If Marx were alive today, he’d say “Darn Kate, why didn’t I think of that?”

She has GOT to go!!!


Basically the Rules for Radical's steps toward NWO.

And it's amazing how all those who support her show their true colors, the instant they get power, they'd just go full dictator and impress their views on the masses, and if you don't agree, off to re-education with you!




I am so glad I signed the latest brown recall petition today.


I'm sick and tired of this nonsensical blatherskite. Cases have only increased due to three things: an easier test, almost all medical places are now focused on testing for it, and more people are asking for it. I mean honestly. All the testing places are over whelmed and back logged. There is a MAJOR time delay and because of it makes the statistical confirmation used pointless! I'm sick of this tyrannical mad despot abusing her power. She's going to drag this out as long as she can. She wants to pretend she's Caesar and doesn't want to give up power. I'm also sick of MSM over hyping Covid and watching as these despots burn our country to the ground just to be rulers of the ashes.


Kommie Kate has spoken to her minions.


OMG she looks old!

Roberto Estrello Demar

Her Life shows on her, and that badly. This kind ends hard.


That's why she should wear a mask fulltime.


She is an absolute tyrant!

Roberto Estrello Demar

She sent a bunch of trigger-happy youth armed to the hilt with assault weapons over to meet the protesters at Malheur. They surrounded a man who had no visible weapons, a man who gestured a lot when he talked. They had their fingers on their triggers. Their excitement was increasing palpably. When one of them darted forward, as a single dog out of a pack will do, he fired into the living body of Lavoy Finnicum. All the other State personnel "honored" his shots by emptying their guns into the man. This killing was predictable and repeatable. She sent her personnel into a dynamic situation that made the killing inevitable. His crime? He "disrespected her authoritaugh." (Apologies to Eric, South Park) He failed to yield to her Power. And Power ultimately "blooms from the barrel of a gun."

In my humble opinion, Kate Brown's angry response and humiliation set up the situation that led to a murder. The post-shooting spin by Oregon's media was masterful. There are a lot of good, thoughtful people who in all honesty do not see the events surrounding Malheur her way. Her viewpoint is, indeed, that of a tyrant. Or as Kipling said it, "A Servant When He Reigneth is More Than Ever, Slave."

She was vetted for her original positioning in Salem by the most powerful Special Interest groups in Portland. And almost NObody is elected without their vetting and approval.

Frederick Fukov

It's amazing how 100% wrong you are..not to mention way off topic. If you own guns, they should be removed from your home.

Roberto Estrello Demar

Many can say it better than I can, but I cannot keep silent. None have really spoken up for LaVoy Finnicum since his murder.

Frederick Fukov

LaVoy Finnicum was an arrogant tool, who was just plain wrong on just about every level. What kind of man leaves his wife and children to go play militia man for absolutely no reason, other than to satisfy his own worthless ego? LaVoy Finnicum died, because he asked for it, and he got exactly what he deserved. All he had to do was to stop at the roadblock, and comply. Because he didn't, and because he went for his weapon, he died about the most senseless kind of death possible. Thanks for playing..lovely parting gifts await you.

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