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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Gov. Kate Brown has put a moratorium on non-payment and no-cause evictions through the end of the year in Oregon.

Brown’s order is effective between Sept. 30 and Dec. 31.

Brown cited the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread devastation cause by wildfires as the reason for the order.

Eviction moratoriums for homes and businesses were put in place in March and April through the end of September due to COVID-19. The moratoriums allowed for a six-month repayment period.

On Monday, Brown said the new executive order will “help keep Oregonians in their homes until the Legislature can convene later this year to address housing issues.”

The goal of Executive Order 20-56, according to a statement from Brown, is to “prevent a wave of evictions during simultaneous wildfire and pandemic emergency response and recovery efforts.”

The full text of Brown’s executive order is available here.

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(16) comments

Roberto Estrello Demar

She is only trying to buy popularity with other people's money. It's the strategy of theft.


If she wants to does this then the state should pick up the tab , remember the landlords have bills and mortgages to pay , you know that if a person gets behind on rent payments he will never get caught up so they just stick the landlord because they can

Frederick Fukov

Look at Ayatollah Brown trying to tell private home owners and business people what to do with their rental homes, apartment buildings and commercials business spaces. Socialism at it's finest. What a great message to send out..that you don't need to work, and you don't need to pay.


Why doesn't she use her now unlimited power to force landlords to pay their tenants $500/month? By Katy's reasoning all landlords are incredibly wealthy ave all tenants are horribly poor, so it follows that she would force these incredibly rich landlords to give their poor tenants money for food and clothes too. Amazing she has the unlimited power to negate constitutions and contract law!


This order or regulation is illegal period !!! The governor has no authority to take from landlords their lively hood. The only way I she that she could do this legally is to have the legislature pass a bill that would pay for these missed rent payments !! This should have been done before putting out the regulation and could have been done with the special session they had !! People talk about Trump doing things out side the law but what he has done is so minor to what Brown and many of the other Governors have done under the disguise of safety !! Brown does think she is a dictator !!


Our governor once again demo's how she will abuse her power to destroy capitalism and force the adoption of socialism. Because the governor keeps pushing laws and extending rules that keep everyone imprisoned in our own homes. She has single handedly wrecked the middle class through strategic regulations.




I can see a lot of single family rentals getting converted into owner-occupied properties after this. Well, at least the ones that didn't go into foreclosure. I pity the folks that thought having a couple of rentals would be their retirement fund in old age.

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

What is this 9 months of living rent free? So who is going to bail out the landlords from the banks? Who will bail out the banks?


Why doesn’t the legislature pass a bill that would pay everybody’s house/rent payments?

Mr Q

Why isn't this "moratorium" a means tested program??? .... I know lots of people that are and have been working this whole time and they are using that money to do other things with ... can't wait for the other shoe to fall...... I understand bankruptcies are starting to happen by landlords who can't cover their mortgages because tenants aren't paying and they can't get rent to people that will pay...


You obviously don't know the meaning of the phrase "getting out the vote."

Roberto Estrello Demar

Oh Goody! We can get even further behind on the rent! But what's my landlord supposed to use to pay his mortgage? By stopping threat of eviction on the tenants in my apartment building, she leads pushes my landlord straight into foreclosure. And the bank or lender makes an awful landlord. Maybe next time we should vote for someone with some business experience, ya think? Somebody who has had to sweat a little over whether they could meet the payroll this week? No problem for her in Government employ!


Isn't this a taking from the landlords, who have mortgage payments, insurance and maintenance costs to pay?


So, the deadbeats, are once again, at the top of the governor's list of favorite people. Actually, not at the top. That is reserved for terrorists, rioters and murderers.


Agreed !!!

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