SALEM, OR (KPTV) - Gov. Kate Brown on Tuesday responded as fast-moving wildfires across Oregon forced evacuations, calling the winds and fires a "once in a generation event". 

Brown and fire officials addressed the wildfires at a press conference, saying right now, their main goal is to make sure people evacuate. Brown and fire officials reminded people that if they're under a Level 2 evacuation, they need to start packing now. If someone is under Level 3 evacuations, that means they must leave now.

Brown and fire officials at the press conference also encouraged people to make sure they're signing up for emergency notifications in their county so they know when to leave their home. The governor and fire leaders called the fires historic and unprecedented. 

Gov. Brown

KPTV file image.

"Almost every year since becoming governor, I've witnessed historic fire seasons," Brown said. "Yet this is proving to be an unprecedented and significant fire event for our state.”

Fire officials could not answer on Tuesday if anyone has died from the fires or how many people have been hurt. They did say there have been some successful rescue missions, speaking specifically about one going on Tuesday afternoon at the Lionshead Fire in Marion County, where a state of emergency has been declared

Fire officials also wanted to remind people that smoke from the fires is also dangerous. They encouraged everyone, especially young kids and older adults, to evacuate if told to or to stay inside. 

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(14) comments

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

If you put DEW Season Opens ~ A Refresher Course and then Agenda 21 in the YouTube search and watch the videos, this will all start to make sense.

Better hurry before YouTube deletes these last of the DEW videos. They've taken down quite a few of them including on-scene footage of the detectable DEW signatures at the CA "wildfires".


I guess the people who started these fires didn't think climate change was moving fast enough for them! Poor Forest management is the cause. Maybe we should sue the government for not allowing us to management the forest. Wait they sue to keep them this fire ready. Thanks environmentalist!


Wait for it just wait.... This all will be Trump's fault by the weekend!


I hold her personally responsible.


I hold the tyrant queen personally responsible for any and all damages, both personal and economic. She is literally and figuratively burning Oregon to the ground thanks to her failed policies.

Frederick Fukov

Boy, it sure is a good thing we have someone so level-headed as our Governor..


Brown calls for state of emergency for historic fire seasons? She has to be kidding. Oregon has seen seasons about as bad as this before. I've seen them before. But then again, I'm from Oregon to begin with, Brown is not. There are better forest management methods then what Brown leads on that would have kept these fires from being so destructive, but then again, she don't listen to science and the savvy geeks in the respected fields.

My best regards to those affected, and those First Responder's my greatest thanks to you folks. This is one of the reasons you don't want defunding public services.


I have absolutely no faith in the so-called leadership of Oregon. Maybe a burn ban in Multnomah county, then the creatures lighting fires at night can be arrested, jailed and charged.....


Likely to be a reoccurring event due to forestland mismanagement on both the Federal and State levels. Thank you, environdimwits!


God help us with this idiot In charge


God won't step in with this knothead. Many people in Oregon voted her in (I didn't) and God considers this our punishment for being so stupid! Learn from this mistake and think next time you are inclined to vote Democrat!


Maybe we should be disposing of any built up debris, near any homes or cities? There are ways to landscape around homes to better protect them from fire.


Now she won't have to deal with RIOTS or PERS. Can't understand normal thinking

Frederick Fukov

Maybe not, but this will just add more fuel to her stupid cap and trade legislation.

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