Gov. Brown Election Preps

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Due to growing concern over possible post-election violence in Portland, Governor Kate Brown signed an executive order Monday morning, creating a unified command between local law enforcement agencies.
The big message that Gov. Brown wanted to get across Monday was that the executive order is meant to keep the peace in Portland ahead of an election that she says is like no other. The executive order is similar to one the governor issued for planned protests in Portland in late September. Those protests were mostly peaceful on Sept. 26.
"Especially this year, there are unique dynamics at play that may create an environment ripe for a heated Election Day, and post-election period. This election also comes at a pivotal moment in Oregon, where the pandemic, wildfires and political atmosphere have boosted fear and anxiety. We’ve seen firsthand what happens when free expression is fueled by hate. We know that there are some people who might use peaceful election night protests to promote violence and property destruction. This behavior is not acceptable and it’s not in line with our Oregon values of being an inclusive democracy," said Gov. Brown. "Every Oregonian has the right to express themselves freely and to peacefully assemble. However, I want to be clear that voter intimidation and political violence will not be tolerated. Not from the Left, the Right, or the Center. Not this week, not any week in Oregon."
Preventing violence and property damage this election is what state and local leaders say the executive order is designed to do, by forming a unified command between the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office and Oregon State Police.
"[The unified command] allows all of the law enforcement agencies in Multnomah County to work collaboratively in alignment, certainty about what we're going to do, and to get us the resources necessary to keep the peace in our community. We want to use no force at all in this election process. Our goal - our overarching goals is to keep the peace, to have a visible presence so people can vote peacefully and engage in our democratic processes safely, and for us to support that," said Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese.
The plan also includes support from the Portland Police Bureau and the Oregon National Guard. Soldiers are standing by and will be deployed into the city if needed.
"We've got a number of units available on standby to assist - in riot, traffic detentions, whatever may be need," said Major General Michael Stencel with the Oregon National Guard.
And if deemed necessary, Gov. Brown says tear gas will be permitted, but only in extreme circumstances.
Gov. Brown says law enforcement has been preparing for Election Day and the possibility of unrest following election results for weeks.
Portland business owners have also prepared. Some tell FOX 12 that they're increasing security just in case violence follows the election, like it did in 2016 when people protested throughout the city causing property damage to businesses after Donald Trump won the election four years ago.
Oregon State Police say the executive order begins Monday at 5 p.m. and runs through the next 48 hours, then Gov. Brown can assess whether it needs to be extended.
Following the announcement of the executive order, Mayor Ted Wheeler released a statement, saying:
"Local law enforcement has been working for several weeks to ensure we have adequate resources available to keep our community safe. We’ve cancelled days off, put staff on call, and coordinated across all city bureaus to prepare for a wide range of possible scenarios.
Given the heightened concerns about potential violence, particularly from white supremist organizations and the divisive rhetoric from Washington, D.C., the need for coordination and partnership takes on statewide significance. Oregon is likely to be a flashpoint.
I appreciate that Governor Brown is using her executive authority to bring more resources to Portland. Our partnership prevented violence in the past and I hope it will do so again.
We should all be prepared for delayed results from the election. And, I urge everyone to focus on staying safe during this most important election."

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(26) comments

pb sir

Poor spineless (and apparently clueless) Ted... does he actually think that the "potential violence" is really going to come from "white supremist" groups? Good grief...

Delta Bravo

Brown and Wheeler-Best thing to happen to the plywood industry in years.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

She truly is the most clueless bureaucrat this state has ever known, and that's saying something. Even most of her liberal brethren have called up the guard when it become obvious that the police were outmatched. Not only does she continue to play russian roulette with the lives of our public safety officers, but she ties one hand behind their collective backs. It's truly one of the sickest things I've ever seen. And the fact that she, and others surrounding her, and the ones just like her here in Portland, are just so beaming with radical liberal pride--is just mind numbing.


Gov Brown, do you realize what you look like in the eyes of the people? At least normal people. One minute you condemn police, the next you want them to work together to save your ineffectual mayor? If I were a police officer right now, I would be looking for a job in a city where I was appreciated for protecting and serving. You are a dishonest, and shameful representative of the people.




The stock market is up, the fake news bobbleheads are frantically screaming at the top of their lungs, and all the liberal run cities are boarding up for massive civil unrest. It appears everyone is expecting a Trump WIN!


Oregon is an embarrassment to the nation.

FedUp is it's twin, Washington! But I will admit Oregon has been at the forefront.


If the National Guard is called in, they will be un armed. A lot of good that will do. Good looking out Kate....


Right??? She's an idiot!


If Gov. Brown is serious:

There needs to be a curfew imposed.

The National Guard needs to be deployed.

If not, we’ve all heard this song and dance before which is the rioters will do whatever they please.


LOL, the rest of the state has to support the inept and ineffective police of Portland. Leftists, socialists, democrats and communists will elect their man, but the protester will be out anyway.


Are you expecting trouble governor? From whom? You want to use those same police you expect to not defend themselves for the last several months? May they all call in sick until further notice.


Wheeler is a tool and a fool. He's STILL blaming all the rioting on white supremacists and Trump. I hope he loses and the new communist mayor helps burn this cesspool of a city to the ground.

Tyrell Higgs

it seems to be the only way, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, or the floods of Moses, this city is too far gone to be saved


Probably making her last stand before the terrorists take her out.


Are you wishful thinking???


This woman (?) is the epitome of stupid. Now she's telling Law Enforcement to join together? Never tell the RIOTERS to leave? Such a clown, so far over her head!


Trump would have had that first big, horrendous mess stopped in no time but noooooo! She didn't want to stifle anyone's voice! VOICES??? Those weren't voices causing injuries or worse, starting fires and tearing up the city. How is it she is still in office??? I DON'T GET IT!!!

Eliza Cassan

"particularly from white supremist organizations and the divisive rhetoric from Washington, D.C" Yeah Wheeler, white supremists have been rioting in Portland for more than 100 nights in the past 6 months, and it's all Trumps fault. What an absolute fool


It is not any white supremacists who are burning, destroying property, rioting in the streets of Portland or any other OR city. Call out Antifa and BLM for their actions. Not the peace seeking population of all colors who are acting responsibly.


I hope other police departments like Gresham say no. They are already short handed and do not need to be dealing with Portland problems that the Mayor and city council refused to address. Gov. Brown you have no right to think you can just take control when you have no right. If you need help call the National Guard.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

This fool is so out over her skis it's not even funny. In no way shape or form is this city or state prepared for what's about to hit tomorrow night, and wednesday night. I mean, the guard should have been called out the second night of riots back in May. She thinks she can click her heels together now, tell the cop agencies to all work together, and somehow nothing is gonna happen when Trump gets re-elected? There's a reason why Trump got elected in the first place, and it's because of nimrods like the one we have for a Governor.




Where were the comments she made blaming the president for provoking unrest, which is totally crazy? The left has been the protesting and rioting for months and months but all of sudden it's the president's fault...,. Check your liberal ego governor Brown it's out of control!


'Gov. Brown orders law enforcement agencies to team up, prevent potential election-related violence in Portland' Give any protestors one word / warning to 'DISPERSE!' After that, law enforcement agencies are authorized to use whatever force necessary to help them disperse.

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