SALEM, OR (KPTV) - Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Wednesday ordered all Oregon hospitals to cease all non-emergency procedures, as a way of preserving supplies.  

The governor’s order is related to personal protective equipment used by health care workers to treat COVID-19 patients. Those items include surgical masks, gowns and gloves.

Along with statewide hospitals, the restrictions are being put in place for outpatient clinics, health care providers, dentists and veterinarians.

The latest COVID-19-related order from Brown also limits visitation at hospitals to protect health care workers and at-risk patients from possible exposure.

“If we do not take immediate action, the surge in demand in our hospitals for masks, gowns, and gloves will quickly outstrip the limited supplies they have available. We cannot let that happen. I want to thank the health care providers––including dentists, veterinarians, and others––who have already preserved and donated their critical supplies,” Brown said.

No further details were immediately released about what constitutes “non-emergency procedures” or what limitations are being put on hospital visitation.

On Tuesday, Brown signed executive orders expanding statewide school closures through April 28, as well as a ban on dine-in food or beverage consumption at businesses and a ban on gathering of more than 25 people.

There have been 75 diagnosed cases and three deaths from COVID-19 in the state, as of Wednesday.


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(9) comments

Mr pickles

Someone had to be the scapegoat.


welcome to white trash oregon, home of the

tree dwellers, may covid-19 reign supreme

Angry Oregon citizen

Since I'm mandated to not work for 3 months in the dental field. Oregon should not have a week waiting period for unemployment. I have this feeling that she will have us back soon due to the loss of state taxes.

Frederick Fukov

The only question remaining is when Kate is going to declare a state financial emergency, and she abuses her power by refusing to give back the record kicker. I've already sent my completed tax forms, but I fully expect for her to find a way to break the law and keep the 1.6 billion, while still trying to force another billion plus out of us by way of cap and trade. You KNOW this is what goes through her mind.


What terrible leadership and cr?p coming out of the governors office. Why is there a shortage of supplies in the hospitals and clinics. The Virus has not even hit the hospitals yet enough to make a dent on their services. No this is a problem only because of poor preparations and readiness of hospitals and clinics. The boards and ones in charge of ordering supplies are the people that need to be held responsible for the shortage of supplies. Now the people that need surgery's are going to be paying the price for this incompetence !!

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Does the tyrant Korruption Kate Brownshirt know ANY boundaries???

Even people in her own administration and party think she's a tyrant.

Terrell Higgs

Kate Clown has struck again. What supplies are running out because of non-emergency issues? Other than masks and gloves, if you have a broken leg, how is that taking away from someone who has the flu?


This is turning out to be a very good diversion to Kate’s Cap and Trade.


The dictator has spoken.

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