Gov. Brown pleads for people to stay home as July 4 weekend approaches

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The weekend of July 4 is usually reserved for big backyard gatherings and holiday celebrations, but with COVID-19 infection rates rising in Oregon, Gov. Kate Brown has a message for families.

The governor is pleading for people to stay home, as she says the upcoming holiday is a critical point for Oregon in the ongoing pandemic.

On Monday, Brown instituted a statewide face covering mandate. She said she did not want to close businesses again as has happened in other states that are seeing a spike in cases. She said Oregon Occupational Safety and Health will take the lead in enforcing face covering requirements for all covered Oregon businesses.

If you do gather for July 4 this weekend, the governor is asking people to keep gathering local and small in size. Health officials tracked a spike right after Memorial Day weekend, and they’re worried the same thing could happen again.

“I know many of you were planning your typical backyard barbecue bash, please keep it to members of your own household,” Brown said.

Chief Epidemiologist with Washington County Public Health Kimberly Repp says they’re seeing a significant increase in cases.

Repp says even though Phase 1allows gatherings of up to 25 people, she admits it’s hard to physical distance with people you’re comfortable with, so its better not to host a backyard barbeque with anyone outside your household this weekend.

“I am a scientist I’m not a politician so all I can tell you is if people are sick and in quarantine, they’re not going to be able to work anyway,” Repp said. “The Oregon Health Authority collects metrics on which we evaluate whether we should open or close. we are almost failing every single metric data wise. So it would literally be against all available information to go any further and in fact the data say we should probably take a step back.”

The governor says if the state continues down this path, she may need to follow in other state’s steps to close restaurants and other businesses.

Multnomah County was the last county in the state to enter Phase 1 two Fridays ago. It’s now aligned with Washington and Clackamas counties as a regional unit for future reopening decisions, which may be on hold for some time.

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(6) comments


You seem to have a problem with women.


Like people are actually going to listen to a bunch more lies. It's been 4 months now and still now end in sight to the virus. People need to figure it out soon that Queen Katie has no clue to how to stop the virus. Let the virus spread, achieve herd immunity and it will be over. No more lies! Remember back in March her flattening the curve where the curve would rise up, flatten and then 2 months later the virus was gone. It was just lies to make people submit and give up the freedoms we used to take for granted. Time for all the current state leaders to resign!

Frederick Fukov

Yeah..that's gonna happen. Kate, Tina, Ellen, Ginny, Susan, etc..they're all just going to suddenly and simultaneously admit that their brand of radical idealism is an abject failure, and resign. Yeah, there's a realistic goal.


Perhaps, I'm an idealist!

Roberto Estrello Demar

You forgot "Ted." [Yeah, I know. You forgot Ted. And Claire.]

Roberto Estrello Demar

This present crisis is not so ,much the problem as it is a welcome spotlight that reveals the problems so they can be addressed. It is not our fault that the spotlight has been turned on to the "leadership" of the State, but it really IS our fault if, having seen the problems, we do not address them.

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