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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Bar owners across Oregon are pushing for the state to allow to-go cocktails.

FOX 12 on Friday asked Gov. Kate Brown about the issue. While she wouldn't comment directly on whether she supports to-go cocktails, she said it's something that will be on the table during a special session, which she is willing to call for. 

More than 30 states have moved to allow to-go cocktails, but despite support from Oregon lawmakers, the issue never made it on the agenda in Salem. The state did make changes to allow beer and wine sales to go. 

The OLCC allows distilleries to sell ready-made cocktails for curbside or home delivery, but that is not the case for bars and restaurants. In order for the state to allow to to-go cocktails for everyone, it needs to be approved by the state legislature. 

The governor on Friday said she wanted to remind people bars that selling to-go cocktails is still illegal.

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"I know its a particularly challenging time for our businesses," Brown said. "And I would ask and tell them to continue to comply with Oregon law."

At least one bar, The Botanist in northwest Portland, says it is planning to defy state law. They'll begin selling to-go cocktails the day before Thanksgiving next week in what it calls a civil disobedience protest. 

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(5) comments


Dear Tyrant Queen Katie, your mandates and power grabs are also illegal and against the Oregon & U.S. Constitution.


'Gov. Brown reminds businesses that to-go cocktails are illegal: 'Continue to comply with Oregon law' And I would like to remind Kate the tyrant that her 'freezes', a.k.a business destroying lock downs are illegal as well.


Dear Tyrant Queen Kate: Your mandates and power grabs are also illegal, just read the Oregon and U.S. Constitutions.


Now brown stuff want's our dear lawmakers involved, but according to Oregon's law she only has authority for 28 days without consulting them.


Particularly challenging???? This woman is a disgrace! Businesses are closing and people are out of work!

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