MARION COUNTY, OR (KPTV) - Gov. Kate Brown on Wednesday visited the frontline of the Beachie Creek Fire, stopping Lyons and Gates and receiving a fire briefing at the Beachie Creek Command Post.

Brown also met with National Guard members at highway checkpoints, and visited the Team 13 Incident Command Post in Gates, which had burned down while crews worked to protect homes and evacuate residents.

“In my meetings today at the Beachie Creek Fire, again and again I was awed by the brave, dedicated, and empathetic people who have been doing anything and everything it takes to help their fellow Oregonians,” Gov. Brown said. “Thank you.”

Gov. Brown visits frontline of Beachie Creek Fire, briefed at command post

Image provided to KPTV.

Investigators on Wednesday said 470 homes have been destroyed in the Beachie Creek Fire, along with 35 commercial structures and 783 minor nonresidential structures.

The Beachie Creek Fire has burned 191,238 acres.

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Brown on Wednesday was joined by Senate President Peter Courtney, Adjutant General Michael Stencel, and State Fire Marshal Mariana Ruiz-Temple, among others.

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(9) comments


The governor of Portland refused to meet with locals or even acknowledge their existence. Shows how much she really cares about people up here.

Frederick Fukov

Oh..isn't that cute? Trying to pretend she's an actual governor..and that anything she has to say even matters. Just stay in Salem and shut up.


Next time, shove her over the bank.


I certainly hope she got her nose rubbed in the mess she created.


With Black lives matter protests that have raged on and bankrupted our state and our witless Portland Mayor to Gov Brown inciting it to the point of murder and then tried to spin it. Then that same murderer opens fire on law enforcement when they try to arrest him. That as soon as anti antifa check points popped up. How fast the police came down on them. How our Governor forced Oregon to commit economic suicide! Then swore up and down her tyrannical pushes had nothing to do with Nov election. Then she extended covid rules directly up to Nov 3rd. Election day! BLM only wants to hold to police accountable for their actions for what they do to african americans. Yet, still pointing out one simple fact. Accountability of authoritarian figures that make the worst possible moves! Brown parrots climate change just like Newsome mainly to duck responsibility and her direct accountability. When brought up. She tried playing the garbage "you ducked out of session and I had to try and take political prisoners to force a vote on policy that would have destroyed the economy" Which she did anyways using Covid as justification! Then multiple people caught intentionally starting fires on top of the damage. Then this tyrannical mad despot is trying to play hearts and minds missions! Abusing her authority again to push her own agenda during this time of crisis! There needs to be accountability for these governors abusing their power. Especially, when they force intentional policies that directly kill the local economy! Putting hundreds of thousands out of jobs and NOW losing thousands of homes! Robbing people of their lives, homes, and properties while she plays games with all our lives! Just to win and election! When will people drop the garbage party politics and see what your literally doing! What you're supporting! Why are people allowing the destruction of America! Just to win for the blue or red teams! Just because you hate Trump!

- Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance

Frederick Fukov

"BLM only wants to hold police accountable..?"

Oh..that's a good one. Check this out; For every ONE black person who is shot by a police officer, 275 black people are shot..get OTHER BLACK PEOPLE.


All blm wants to do is keep racism alive. They're nor interested in peace, only violence. They're not interested in pushing the black community to keep their mouths shut when stopped by Police. They're not interested in teaching blacks to quit fighting Police instead of cooperating


Okay, and? Wanting accountability in the "authority" figures from law enforcement to the governor isn't a bad thing. I don't support BLM. My point is more people at this current moment are more open to listen to the need for accountability. Especially, when Brown using covid rules can play the moral authority. Oh, BLM is allowed to protest and do w/e they want. Yet, you dirt worshipers are not allowed to be in church together. Look I'm not even religious and found that messed up.


Honestly, think about the patriot act. Which the name is a mockery insult on it's own! Completely misleading. Which has proven to violate 7,000 innocent peoples constitutional rights to privacy to catch 4 bad guys. That's 99% casualties. How is that acceptable? Also, when have you known authority or big government to go " You know what. We have to much power! To much authority over you. We are surrendering our power to rob you of your rights/freedoms for the greater good" which when augmented with zero accountability. Oh, well we just made a move that cost 5 million jobs because we messed up and made a bad call. Oops, my B. Guess I'll just declare an emergency state and fast pass policy without a vote. That makes it worse and locks people down for a year. Play moral authority of who can and cant have a business in the new world.

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