Gov. Brown talks about federal officers, recent decisions on COVID-19 restrictions in 1-on-1 interview

Gov. Kate Brown (KPTV image)

SALEM, OR (KPTV) – Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed House Bill 2168 into law, making Juneteenth an official holiday in Oregon on Saturday.

The bill passed unanimously in both the Oregon House and Senate earlier this month.

“Certainly, the bill is long overdue. I’m incredibly grateful for the Oregon Legislature for getting it passed this legislative session,” Brown said. And as I sign the bill, I remember and think of folks like Clara Peoples, her granddaughter Jenelle Jack and the countless others whose advocacy for years made the legislation possible.”

The move follows President Joe Biden signing legislation on Thursday, making Juneteenth a federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery.

Juneteenth, also known as Emancipation Day, Jubilee Day, and Freedom Day, is the oldest nationally celebrated holiday that honors the freedom of enslaved people in the United States.

It’s the first new federal holiday since Martin Luther King Jr. Day was created in 1983.

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She must have remote signed that bill because from Wednesday through yesterday she was in Montana hopefully NOT infecting anyone in our state with her idiocy!!! I could not believe my eyes when I saw her get off a flight from PDX to Bozeman,am on Wednesday and depart from Bozeman on Sunday. Please keep your inept politicians in the Pacific Northwest and out of Montana. Thank you




The party of slavery is removing confederate statues so their war heros will no longer be so obvious and and now admitting that their party was the last to release their slaves.




Why don't they ever arrange to have these "holidays" on weekends so we don't have to pay for lazy government workers to take another day off?




I heard that Lake Oswego cancelled their 4th of July celebration becasue of 'covid', but had no problem having a Junteenth celebration with a lot of people allowed.


Juneteenth, celebrated every year on June 19, recognizes the day in 1865 when Union Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger issued General Order No. 3 in Galveston, Texas, emancipating the remaining enslaved people in the state. For enslaved people in Texas at the time, freedom came more than two years after former President Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation.


This is what happens when the Confederate Democrats refuse to part with their living "property".


And when do we get to celebrate the year that our Spanish ancestors finally won their freedom after 600+ years of Islamist occupation? :)


Great. Another paid holiday for so called government workers.

Just curious

[thumbup] Aye! Aye! to that. As if they don't already have enough paid vacations.

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