Gresham residents believe someone is playing a malicious prank on them by kicking in doors at their homes.

Police confirmed to FOX 12 that officers have taken at least three reports in the last week.

One case was caught on security footage at a home off Southeast Morlan Way. The footage shows an individual walk up to the door and kick it twice, while holding out a cellphone. The person then runs away to a waiting car that speeds off.

The homeowner was not at the house at the time of the incident, but said the door was found open with the frame broken and shoved into the drywall.

Less than two miles away, another man’s door was kicked entirely off the frame. The incident happened off Southeast Palmblad Road.

Jerry Ford said he awoke to the loud boom early Thursday morning.

“It was 2 o’clock in the morning and I initially thought I was having a nightmare,” he said.

Ford said he ran outside and could see the taillights of a car speeding away.

Another neighbor, just a few miles away on Southwest 8th Drive, described a similar story.

“We were all woken up to a loud bang – like a thud,” Tracie Ferguson said. “When we thought someone was in the house, it was just an eerie feeling.”

Fortunately, nobody entered the home, but the Fergusons had to take the day off to get a new frame and door, and console their frightened children.

“I lost pay, my husband lost pay, not to mention the anxiety my kids are going through, can’t sleep the next few nights,” Ferguson said.

Both neighbors said they believe they were targeted in a cruel joke.

“I chalked it up to some young punk thinking it’s funny,” Ferguson said.

Ford thinks whoever is doing this is asking for trouble, and might end up getting shot by an angry and scared homeowner.

“It would be a shame if one of them really got hurt, because having a person with a weapon there that would catch them,” Ford said.

Gresham police said they have identified the suspect in the surveillance video. A department spokesman said the suspect has not yet been arrested.

Police have not said whether or not they believe any of the cases are connected.

Anyone with information on the crimes should call Gresham police.

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