Grocery stores, retail prepare for capacity restrictions in Oregon and Washington

Image: KPTV

VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) - Capacity restrictions go into effect in grocery stores and retailers for both Oregon and Washington starting Tuesday and Wednesday.

Washington's restrictions are the stricter of the two, limiting capacity to 25 percent.

Grocery stores, retail prepare for capacity restrictions in Oregon and Washington

Image: KPTV

At Chuck's Produce and Street Market Manager Shawn Jarrett says check out may take a little longer.

"We're going to put a little more emphasis on how many people you know come in and out of the store," Jarrett said.

That's why Jarrett is hoping customers are patient, as he says starting Tuesday the store will limit its capacity to 200 people to adhere to 25 percent capacity for retail and grocery stores put in place by Governor Jay Inslee.

200 he says is compared to the store's normal capacity of between 800 and 900.

"We will have people out front who will monitor how many people are coming in, who's leaving getting more people in the door," Jarrett said.

Grocery stores, retail prepare for capacity restrictions in Oregon and Washington

Image: KPTV

Jarrett says the store already has social distancing measures in place that will continue during these new restrictions.

But Jarrett says these restrictions come during the holiday season when it's typically busier.

"It really kind of changes things up. It really makes you second guess about how you're going to operate, how you're going to order you know what you're going to do because all the normalcy's completely gone," Jarrett said.

For retail and grocery stores in Oregon, Governor Kate Brown mandated capacity at 75 percent.

Grocery stores, retail prepare for capacity restrictions in Oregon and Washington

Image: KPTV

Even for smaller stores like Forager Vintage in Beaverton every foot in the door counts.

Owner Hazzel Svvengar says she opened her store right before the pandemic and it's been tough as she's already had to limit capacity before these new restrictions.

"I have had people that I've turned away like they'll peek in the door I'll say sorry we're at capacity if you could come back when a customer leaves - sometimes they just don't come back which is frustrating," Svvengar said.

She says her business will be impacted by more than just the capacity restrictions.

Grocery stores, retail prepare for capacity restrictions in Oregon and Washington

Image: KPTV

"With people not eating out at restaurants there's going to be a lot less foot traffic as well," Svvengar said. "So there's going to be a lot less people out and about like shopping around so I feel like we're going to get a lot less walk-ins that we would if the restaurants next to us were open."

Restrictions for Washington start at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday.

Oregon's restrictions begin Wednesday.

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(6) comments

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Dear gawd, now we're gonna have to wait in line outside in the cold, to get into the grocery store? How is that going to help those who are already at risk, making them stand outside in the cold during flu season? Yeah, another brilliant move by the dems. And they pile on Trump for HIS handling of the crisis? Anyone remember when Trump shut down travel into the US, and the dems went off, calling him a racist and a xenophobe? Please..look up the word "hypocrisy," and should say; "see democrat."


If you want to shop without a mask just go to any Fred Meyer. If there is actually someone posted at the door they let unmasked people walk right in. Every single time I have gone to one in Clackamas County there are several maskless shoppers. They check them out without a word. What a joke.

Native Born

That`s not been true for our Newberg store last month when I went for groceries. They have a big sign that says no mask , no entry & they enforce it with security as well as store managers. Although when we have forgot to bring a mask they were nice enough to provide us one. We don`t wear a mask outside when not near anyone or when driving by ourselves in our own vehicle. We have yet to see a maskless shopper at a checkout line in our Newberg store.


The ignorance of state officials is astounding. Stop playing games! Shut down until this thing is more under control. Yes, everyone is suffering, but this open/shut business you keep performing is not helping. Shut down, regulate, and stay that way until numbers are way down. I for one don't want to play this game of yours forever. And, support people with funds if you can. Don't rely on the feds, handle the situation in your own back yard. Stop thinking politically and start thinking about the safety and well being of the people. This was all predicted, why weren't you planning. Ugh I'm so frustrated with the officials in this state and most states.


All for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate. Is the virus going to magically vanish in the next 2-4 weeks? It didn't last time.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Shut down until this thing is more under control? thanks. You can stay home though.

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