PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program expired on Friday, leaving millions of people without options, including many Oregonians.

Crowds gathered at an unemployment for Black Lives Matter rally in Portland on Friday evening, with many in attendance demanding change.

Organizers presented a list of demands, starting with extending that $600 in unemployment assistance from the federal government. They also want the government to provide free PPE and COVID-19 testing, mortgages and rents canceled until further notice, safe access to shelter, and ultimately, universal healthcare.

“A lot of people who lost their jobs and were working the jobs that made them vulnerable, service industry, the very precarious jobs, were people of color,” Jesse, Unemployed Workers Council Organizer, said.

Jesse says racial and economic justice go hand in hand, and that you can’t have one without the other.

People at the rally marched from the waterfront and were peaceful into Friday night.

Group rallies in Portland, demand change as PUA program expires

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(11) comments


Defund the police is nothing more than give the money to us cry! Wow protest the government get them out of Portland..... Ohhh wait still pay us the $600m a week to protest... What a joke! Give me give me is the 2020 theme!


There would be no need for the supplemental assistance if people did not vote for ignorant nit wits who shut down the economy, punishing 98% of the population, in an attempt to "protect" the 0.4% of people who may die if they contract the virus. These ignorant nit wit elected officials are to blame for the problem, not the program expiration.


Pelosi and her democrat marxists will bankrupt the country buying votes from these worthless bums. There is no reason why anyone getting unemployment or whatever you call it, can't do something to earn it. In the case of the blm, cleaning up the garbage and repairing the damage they have done should be required in order to get paid. Unfortunately, there is no way to bring back the people they have murdered.


I do believe I hear a flock of wah wahs buck it up *iity babies get out their like the rest of us and get a job stop depending on the white daddy to support your lazy bum!!


To be clear.Trump and the Republicans offered to extend the 600.00 per month UI boost for another 4 months,the Democrats declined then they all walked out.

Please tell the whole story Fox12.

Eliza Cassan

Stop begging the gov to bail you out, this is the best thing to happen to motivate people back into work.

Son of Squib

Ah, good to see the Gibby Dats are out


To be clear on this.The Republicans offered to extend the full 600.00 benefit for an additional 4 months.The Democrats did not accept that offer...please "Fox Staff" tell the whole story.

Democrats and Liberals seem to think the nation is rich and can provide all their wants and needs..news flash!...WE ARE LIVING OFF A CREDIT CARD NOW!!!


Looks like it's time to get back to work the parties over and it's high time to grow up and make a living the old fashion way by earning it. No more handouts!


LOL get a job!


These people need to get off the protest lines and get a job. The party is over.

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