Group gathers in Salem to protest Gov. Brown's two-week freeze

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SALEM, OR (KPTV) - A couple of hundred people protested at the Capitol building in Salem against Governor Kate Brown's two-week freeze order and show support for President Trump.

The organizer David Klaus said they converged to separate rallies into one for this event.

"The governor's shutdown orders have wreaked havoc on our state economically; people's mental health is suffering," Klaus said.

He said they're there to send a message to the governor.

"What we are here to say is that we have had enough of this, and we want this to stop," he said.

Governor Brown's order limits social gatherings and restaurants are restricted to take out and delivery. Gyms and recreational facilities must also close.

"We need to protect the vulnerable, but we need to stop this arbitrary shutting down of businesses and stopping life," Klaus said.

Brown said there isn't a specific measure in place that would end the freeze and is basing her decisions on science and data.

"The reality is obviously, there's no playbook for this. My top priority is to preserve our hospital capacity, our healthcare workforce and to make sure Oregonians stay healthy and safe," Brown said.

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Roberto Estrello Demar

To say that Brown is in ignorance making bad decisions is to give her a lot of credit.

If she had a real clue about the effect of her decisions on the most vulnerable of our people, she would have to be the Devil incarnate to continue as she is.


The tyrant kate is pulling her brown scientific data data from between her gluteus maxima.

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.



Defund Kate’s security unit.




Brown repeatedly points to " based on science and data." The latest: "OHA reports another record-breaking day of COVID-19 cases at 1,509; 7 additional deaths." Of those 7 deaths - all were 75 years old and up and had underlying health conditions. So based upon the science and data - HOW does the freeze address the problem. Morbidity is found within specific conditions yet the governor uses a "shotgun" approach to deal with it. Brown is incompetent and a fool.


Brown said there isn't a specific measure in place that would end the freeze and is basing her decisions not or science and data, but wholly on politics. All her economy destroying actions have been politically driven.


If we and the governor are TRULY serious about this, we need to implement a "pandemic tax" which covers the losses which businesses have incurred by being ordered to shut down for the "public good". If the majority of people support it after being forced to pay 10 or 20 percent of their income to cover government forced business closures, then we can all truly say we're "in this together". Until then we're asking only a few to shoulder the burden for the many.

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