PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Portland area continues to see a spike in gun violence across the city. But a group of community organizers gathered on Saturday to put together a “March Against Murder” from Peninsula Park to Woodlawn Park. The group said it is focusing on conflict resolution so that pulling the trigger is no longer an option.

“The hope is that lethal force does not become a legitimate problem-solving tool,” Royal Harris, the organizer, said.

Cari Brown and her family lost her nephew, Noah Terry, to gun violence in October of 2020. She said he is the reason they are marching.

“Justice doesn’t exist after a murder,” Brown said. “Justice is in the moment when someone decides not to pull the trigger.”

Terry’s grandmother, Kathy Dolyniuck, said the family feels like they’re being left behind.

“To be honest we’re struggling with the lack of justice in Portland,” Dolyniuck said.

She said they want justice for her grandson.

“The ball has definitely been dropped and we’ve been told that repeatedly and so we’re addressing this the best we can as a family,” she said. “We are fighting for justice for Noah Terry.”

Earlier this week, Mayor Ted Wheeler and Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell announced specifics to help curb the increase in gun violence which includes a new gun violence intervention team and including community leaders in their plans.

Harris said it’s long overdue.

“We overemphasize the politics and the city government aspect of it and don’t really get to the root of solutions to it which are rooted in the people in these places,” he said.

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(12) comments

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Excuse me, but if this group wanted real justice, they would have marched to the office of the one who's clearly responsible for the spike in shootings and murders in Portland, and they would have demanded her removal from office. There's one person responsible; that's it..it's Joann Hardesty. Because she sought political attention for her fragile ego, and because she wanted to grandstand for the media, she punished the Portland Police Bureau and the citizens of Portland for something none of the Police here, and none of us had anything to do with. She made what will be judged as THE worst policy decision in the history of Portland, based on the death of a drug addict felon in a city about 1700 miles from here. Justice would be her immediate and unconditional removal from office.


Chalatan....because it was obviously sarcasm intended to highlight the fact that there are horrible things in this world that most will agree are horrible, and that marches are window dressing that are feel good but fail in any respect to address root issues. At least I thought it was obvious sarcasm, but maybe not.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

I appreciate the grief the family members are dealing with and the concern of the community. The larger questions still remain, though. Was this a gang/thug life/drug trade related shooting that cost this young man his life? Did he have a criminal record and did he die at the hands of former associates? Is the public at risk? Will there be retribution against those guilty by other associates? At least they're not accusing police or city hall on this one...yet.

Husky Loyalist

As usual the Liberals go after an inanimate object rather than the root cause of a problem. The problem is no intact family, no morality, enablement by the weak leaders, an inept DA, bashing of the police, neutering the police by the leaders, no consequences for aberrant behavior, etc. The police department is now down over 170 officers. A perfect storm for anarchy in Portlandia. The dufus mayor can appoint all the commissions etc. he wants because all it is - is window dressing to where he can say he did somethig regardless of the nonsense.


“The ball has definitely been dropped and we’ve been told that repeatedly and so we’re addressing this the best we can as a family,” she said. “We are fighting for justice for Noah Terry.”

A suspect was arrested in December 2020 but charges were dismissed in January 2021 when no witnesses would testify. If anyone “dropped the ball”, it would be “the community”. Marching isn’t going to stop witness intimidation by criminal gangs, but a community unwilling to shelter violent criminals might.


So when does the looting and burning start? It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.


I am certain the drug gangs will stop killing now that there was a march.

pb sir

Noah Terry's family says that "...the ball has definitely been dropped." I wonder who they are talking about, specifically?


Considering they arrested a suspect in December, maybe they couldn't get any witness to testify. Snitches get stitches.


When will we finally see marches against child rape and puppy/kitten abuse? Why are these issues being ignored?


If you feel so strongly then why don't you organize one?


I’m starting a march against jealousy. I’m sure it’s going to stop people from being jealousy🤡

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