SALEM, OR (KPTV) - A gun control bill is on Governor Kate Brown's desk after it passed the state Senate Wednesday. Senate Bill 554 has two components; it would require gun owners to keep their firearms stored securely when it's not being used by the licensed owner, and it would ban weapons in certain public buildings.

The first several sections of the bill is called the Cindy Yuille and Steve Forsyth Act, they were victims of the Clackamas Town Center shooting in 2012. Forsyth was Paul Kemp's brother-in-law.

"It was kind of bittersweet yesterday. I certainly didn’t celebrate at all because it doesn’t change any of the events that happened. It was very preventable. It never should have happened," Kemp said.

The bill says they were killed after the gunman stole an unsecured firearm and it hopes to prevent tragedies like this from happening again.

When a firearm is not being used by the licensed owner, the act says they need to secure the firearm with a trigger or cable lock, in a locked container or in a gun room. If the licensed owner doesn't adhere to this, they could face a maximum fine of $500 and up to $2,000 if someone under 18 gets ahold of an unsecured firearm.

"When you take a gun safety class, they recommend when you’re not using the firearm you lock it up, the NRA website will tell you that," Kemp said. "In fact, when you buy a new handgun at a retailer it comes with a trigger lock. Most long guns come with a trigger lock."

Opponents of SB 554, like Portland State University student Bradley Glaubitz, said his major issue with the bill is the regulations in public buildings. This part of the bill would ban weapons in certain public spaces like the Capitol building or large airport terminals. Glaubitz said that defeats the purpose of someone having a concealed carry license.

"It really kind of hinders people who go through that legal process of going through the sheriffs, checking up, investigating, doing a background check and checking your references and it kind of undermines that process," Glaubitz said.

Kemp, however, said weapons have no place in those spaces.

"I cannot understand why you need to take a firearm into the Capitol. I can’t take them into banks, can’t take them into so many other places, if I want to have a civil discussion about changing legislation or something, why do I need to be armed?" Kemp said.

FOX 12 reached out to the governor's office to see if or when she might sign this bill, but we have not gotten a response yet.

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(36) comments


Weird. The names of the 6 turncoat republican senators who helped pass this bill mysteriously disappeared. FYI, KPTV, their names are public record.


Since when are gun owners licensed in Oregon ?


Sorry all my firearms were stolen by crooks , they beat you to them Kate - sorry now come up with some more commie laws


Unless they plan on issuing search warrants to every single CHL owner in the state so that they can see if every gun is locked up in a safe, or has a trigger lock, then how will they enforce this? Oh wait, they cant. There is not enough police in the state to do this.


Too bad most of the folks I know, and I too, have lost all of our guns in unfortunate boating accidents.


I know right. Heck of a deal.


The Clackamas Town Center shooter was stopped by a CHL holder in the mall. He did it by aiming his gun at the shooter who then retreated and killed himself thus preventing more deaths.


Very true, but the guns are bad crowd can't admit that. Also, the CCL holder didn't fire because he didn't have a clear shot and didn't want to take out an innocent by accident. That is gun Control.






You are 100% correct. But you know that the dems, libs, the anti-gun groups and the 6 turncoat Oregon republican senators who were complicit in getting SB 554 passed can not and will not be bothered by facts. Facts do not fit in with their narratives.


You are 100% correct. When that happened, the perp went into a stairwell and killed himself.


My husband and I are gun owners and I'll be dogged if I'll follow this mickey mouse law what a joke Oregon is.


Just read the editorial preamble to this bill and it is obvious how silly and foolish we have become:)



Whom are these licensed owners is this bill referring to? It is my right to own and use firearms. Laws are for White people, because we are apparently the only ones that follow them.


It's really sad that people can't see how completely backwards this logic is? Lets set more laws to prevent the people that don't obey laws from doing horrible things. Read that a few times and really think about it.


You're giving them too much credit. They don't even HAVE logic to start with.


And then you have the person in Portland, and his political action fringe group, pushing for even more gun control.


Section 27 of Article 1 of the Oregon Constitution says, “The people shall have the right to bear arms for the defence of themselves, and the State, but the Military shall be kept in strict subordination to the civil power.”

So as Oregonians we are guaranteed the Right to use a firearm in self-defense. But how can you use a firearm for self-defense if it is locked up in a gun safe?


Hopefully a lawsuit will be launched. Is OFF interested? Can the Oregon legislature enact State unconstitutional laws?


I believe the OFF is very interested. I understand that the dems did not attach their emergency clause to this. If this is true, then the moment Kate signs this, and you know she will, the 90 day clock starts to get a petition circulated with enough valid signatures on it this this bill on the ballot. The people need to have the final say on this.


"When a firearm is not being used by the licensed owner"

There are no "licensed owners" - you don't need a license to exercise a right. At least yet.


The Dems work like crazy to decriminalize existing illegal acts, but then add new laws making legal acts illegal. Now thanks to the Dems, I can shoot heroin, do meth, or any other drug and risk a $100 fine that I'll never pay. However, if a legal CHL holder decides to pick their kid up at school, they become a felon and lose their rights.

Eliza Cassan

I'm sure this would have prevented all these recent shootings....not


They would not have.


Won’t comply.


[thumbup][thumbup] A whole lot of people will not comply.


I won't. NO WAY!

Just curious

Same here.


Brown has to go.

This bill is the SAME as saying if somebody comes on to your property and steals your CAR, then any time in the future runs somebody over YOU will be head responsible by fine AND/OR jail time because your care was STOLEN.

Seriously? WTF?

The second part recognizes that 90% of all public shootings of multiple people are in gun free zones that criminals select on PURPOSE because there are less armed people to defend themselves and others - therefore, they want MORE target rich areas

Neither of these stipulations does ANYTHING to criminals - just to law abiding citizens

Oregon has one of the STUPIDEST governments in the world-period


Second to none.


SB 554 penalizes law abiding gun owners in Oregon for the actions of one or two people who were going to do what they did no matter what. A bill like this abomination would have not stopped them. SB 554 was a going away present for Ginny Burdick.


On the bright side of this, I don't think the democrats abused the emergency clause on this so that as soon as the tyrant queen signs this, the 90 day clock starts to gather enough signatures to get this on the ballot where the people will have the final say. Make sure you contact the six sell out republican senators who colluded with the democrats to get this passed.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Which ones are they? I'll write to each one of 'em right now.


I will too.


I don't think any gangs or criminals will follow any of theses rules and only law abiding citizens will be made criminals by this bill.

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