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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - With more than 630 shootings so far this year, Portlanders, like Jayme Leeb, aren’t too surprised gun violence has nearly doubled since this time last year.

But when it hits close to home, that’s when it becomes more than just a statistic.

Leeb said her 20-year-old son was walking home from the grocery store on Friday when he nearly got caught up in a drive-by shooting near Gateway Discovery Park and felt a bullet whiz by his head.

“He got home, and he was scared to death - panicked, shaking, crying, we called 911,” Leeb said Sunday. “He said if he had been one inch the other direction, it would have hit him.”

“I was terrified for him; it was horrifying,” Leeb added.

Portland police said officers responded to the park to investigate the shooting but could not find any evidence of gunfire. A bureau spokesman said call notes indicated that some witnesses believed a car may have backfired instead of a shooting.

Police said another drive-by shooting near Southeast 82nd Avenue and Foster Road hit a person filling up at a gas station, grazing the person’s ankle and also hitting the car and gas pump.

Early Sunday morning near Southeast 162nd Avenue and Haig Street, a car with three people – including a 6-year-old girl – was sprayed by bullets when police say another driver fired into their car.

Fortunately, nobody got hurt in that shooting.

Police data, just updated Friday, shows shootings are up in each of the city’s three precincts. The biggest spike was reported in the East Precinct, where gun violence has more than doubled since last year.

“I’ve noticed there haven’t been as many patrols in the last year as there should be,” Leeb said.

As a life-long Portlander, Leeb said she doesn’t have the answers to solving gun violence but she’s glad her son is okay and wants the city to be safer.

“I just wish things would get better in Portland," Leeb said. “I would love to feel comfortable anywhere in Portland."

Police are looking for suspects in the shootings. Anyone with information should contact the Portland Police Bureau.

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(15) comments


And nobody is asking whee the guns come from:)


I've said it once and I'll say it again, this is the liberal utopia that Portlanders wanted. Less police = more crime. Shootings, stabbings, vagrancy, trash, graffiti and closed businesses but they care more about diversity and other sjw garbage.


I voted (as a write-in candidate) for Daryl Turner for mayor, as the other two options weren't options.


Portlandistan is becoming the next Chiraq thanks to Ted and Jo Ann.

Thinking Person

Why doesn't KPTV ask do a little actual reporting and ask our Mayor, Mayoral Candidate and all the geniuses on City Council what they think? I would like to know. I don't care about some random Mother - she is obviously upset. Why not ask leadership since they are the ones touting a policy of less police. Shootings are happening alll the time now. Why not do a little comparison to last year KPTV?


Because the Media doesn't do investigative reporting any more! KPTV is filled with sensationalism and no content. KPTV has NO interest in asking tough questions of the clowns allowing our city to become a cesspool. They might have to push hard to get any answers whereas it's so much easier just to cover the "new" news

Tyrell Higgs

"Leeb said she doesn’t have the answers to solving gun violence" A start could be getting out those recall notices for the Hardesy, the which ever mayor is elected, and the DA. I agree with marching for justice, but march demanding justice for all these shootings, demand the criminals are put in jail and stay there. re-fund the police




According to the mayor and other city leaders, these are mostly peaceful shootings and murders and will end if Trump isn't elected. Unfortunately, this is what the average Portland liberal believes. The city is a cesspool and will never get better with democrats running the show.


Well said.

Mr Q

can anyone tell me why cities run by democrats have the Highest Incidences of gun Violence?


It's usually where most democrats live, and the majority of POC are democrats.


Careful with your abbreviations! You may offend the PC Police! Never forget that White is also a COLOR!


All courtesy of Ted Wheeler and Jo Ann Hardesty.


'Gun violence nearly doubles in Portland as police see another busy weekend' Be sure to send Spineless Ted and Jo Ann "I hate the police and everything about them" Hardesty a thank you card since they are responsible for this.

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