Police search for suspect after guns, body armor found in car

Portland Police Bureau

PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) – Portland Police Bureau is searching for a suspect who ran away after guns and body armor were found in their car early Monday morning.

Just before 2:00 a.m., officers pulled over a BMW at Southeast 136th Avenue and Southeast Powell Boulevard. The driver jumped out of the vehicle and ran away.

Officers searched the area but were unable to find him. Investigators said a short-barreled rifle, body armor, and other items were found in his car.

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And we will never hear about the source of the gun because of the power and fear of the gun-runner lobby by police, elected officials and the press. :(


Thats funny. This is in Portland OR. One of the most anti 2a areas in the USA.


When is the last time we heard anything of substance about the source of all these illegal guns? Biden made a splash a few months ago about some kind of program to address the issue but it quickly got pulled and nothing about it since. Just saying, big Pot, big Tobacco, big Pharma and big Arms are pretty much the untouchables in the US today.


Serious question for you, Jefferson: why do you always inquire about the source of the gun? You seem to be employing some kind of rhetorical device but I'm unsure as to the point you're dancing around. Care to clarify at what it is you are driving?


Just asking. Of all the guns on the street, and involved in crimes, we tend to assume that they are illegal. Yet seldom if ever do we hear the police, other government officials or the press ask the question about where they are coming from. I have no special agenda, just trying to find out why nobody else seems to be interested in who the gunrunners are and why they are able to keep so low under the radar. I'd be interested to hear any thoughts on the subject:)

Liberal Wasteland

Ok, so assuming the vehicle was not stolen, if the driver / suspect who is on the loose, and is likely armed and dangerous is the owner of the vehicle, then law enforcement officers know his identity. Sooo..why not post his identity? Post his DMV photo so we all know who for whom to be looking. Either that, or declare it was also a stolen vehicle, so you don't know the identity of the driver / suspect. I mean, if you own the car, and you're boxed in, and you bail, you gotta know that the law knows who you are, and it's going to be impossible to run. Would it be too much trouble to fill the public in some more basic details?


Some MAGAt had intended to do some dirt.


Nice assumption. It's more likely to be Antifa since they have already shot multiple people in the last couple of years if we want to start point fingers.


Please, provide proof of multiple shootings from antifa, cause you only got one and that guy being antifa is a stretch.


That's just a lie.


Lol. nice try whitederp. You righties are so quick to try and take cheap shots at "lefties". I was referring to Renoehl in my original comment, so that's minus one. and Tiny shot himself! LOL. minus two. so whenever you wanna throw out that laundry list of murderous antifa, I'll be waiting.




How quickly you lefties forget. Tusitala "Tiny" Toese was shot September 3rd. Michael Forest Reinoehl also shot a Patriot Prayer member in 2020. Those are the big ones, unlike BLM running through cities and destroying all the businesses they come across (unless it's a bookstore ahhahah) But, oh right, Antifa is a ideology not a group!

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