Hairdresser uses unique ways to keep her business from flooding


A hairdresser in Hillsboro conquered flooding over the weekend by running industrialized fans in and around the hair studio behind her home.

Sandy Houston, hair dresser by day and the woman with nifty ideas at night, said flooding near her home has been problematic since 1996.

“If you just sit down and do nothing about it, we’d have a moldy mess on our hands,” Houston said.

She and her husband have lived in the same house on 334th street in Hillsboro for 30 years, and she's worked out of her small hair studio in the back for 20 years.

“I’ve loved working at home its really been nice," said Houston.

While she wouldn't trade her work space for the world, she admits the downside is that she gets flooded when rain water reaches a certain level. Not only do she and her husband they have their own water to worry about as it drains down onto the slope they live on, they have to deal with the neighbor's water too.

On Monday, Houston said she woke up to find the water that appeared to dry up over the weekend, had crept back up to her front door.

“This morning it was probably about that deep under the floor boards," said Houston.

After dealing with it from time to time, she has found ways around it.

Her husband drilled holes to make access points in the floor boards where industrial sized fans can get underneath and dry up the water. She said while it's not professionally done, it works well.

In the back and sides of her home, they also built drainage wells years ago that help deposit excess water.

"It's basically just a big deep hole and you fill it with drain rock and you know it works to a certain point," Houston said.

Until that point comes around, she said she will continue to work and do what she loves.

“I think that anything that happens in life you can get yourself all freaked out about it and go down but what good would that do ya know?”

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