WARRENTON, OR (KPTV) - Teammates and classmates of Tim Pior are continuing to keep his memory close to their hearts after he passed away this past March.

Day-by-day, play-by-play: It’s not just a cliché for the Warrenton Warriors, who are dedicating this season to a fallen classmate, friend, brother and son.

"For only knowing him for so long, he filled my life up. There is a piece that is dedicated to him,” said junior Duane Falls.

"If he could make you laugh, that made his day,” said Tim's brother, Nic Pior.

Tim left an indelible mark on the Warrenton community.

"In these times of sorrow, people’s true colors show, and people step up for the better of the good,” Varsity Head Coach Ian O'Brien said.

Tim was a 15-year-old freshman at Warrenton High School when he passed away after complications with the flu in March.

"It has been just about over six months. It was super weird at first. When somebody comes home every day and you see them it's like, you just expect it then it's like, oh, he's not there,” Nic said.

Big brother Nic was on the same playing field when it came to going all-in.

“He had a very contagious personality. Always smiling and joking. He and I would have the exact same friends and I was like, 'I am two years older than you, you shouldn't be hanging out with these people. These are my friends!' They had just as much fun with him as I did,” Nic said.

Gone but certainly not forgotten, Tim still makes a difference on campus.

"He changed this high school - just him. He made older kids change - not just juniors and seniors - but teachers acted different around him,” Duane said.

Confident on the football field, the wrestling mat, and the jock could also sing, dance and act.

"He was a star. His best thing that he did. I've never seen a kid at any stage that I have been at, capture an audience on a stage like he did,” said Coach O’Brien.

Tim scored the lead role as a freshman in the Fiddler on The Roof.

“I didn't know how good of an actor he was, but you go to that play and you just see him acting and it's like he could have a career in this. He was really good,” Nic said.

Lighting up a locker room, the stage and the school, Warrenton High School is better for having known Tim Pior.

“Just live in the moment. Enjoy it. Make sure you treat people well. You say, hi, and do those things," said Coach O'Brien. "It's definitely something I know for myself and I know I see a lot in our hallways as well."

Warrenton has a bye on Friday, which would have been Tim’s 16th birthday.

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