PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - High school seniors are anxious about how and when they’ll finish up their final year of school.

As directed by the governor, Oregon schools are closed until April 28, and that’s leaving a lot of uncertainty. A spokesperson for the Oregon Department of Education said they're working to ensure all seniors graduate on time.

It's unclear exactly how or when that’s happening.

"A lot of us are supposed to be getting just the last little credits we need just to graduate and it's like we don't know what’s going on and it's kind of scary," Tadem Fender said.

Fender is a senior at the David Douglas Fir Ridge campus, and she says with the way it works there, she just has a quarter credit left to graduate.

It’s an Industrial Arts class that she says doesn’t have online work right now, so she’s not sure how she'll finish it while still being out of school for another month.

"It's really, really irritating me because I know like, for the longest time, I've hated school and earlier in high school I've even thought about dropping out because I wasn’t doing so good and I was done with school, but I decided I was going to keep going," Fender said.

She’s worked so hard that she now has certificates and ribbons for great grades and attendance.

"Here I am almost graduated, then it's like this happens," Fender said. "It's scary because it's like I worked really hard for all of this and I don't know what’s going to happen."

"We’re getting ready to buy, you know, her cap for her gown and it's just, I want to see her in it, I want to take pictures and everything," her mom, Maria Lewis, said.

The communications director for the David Douglas district said they, like so many other districts in the state, are waiting for guidance from the Department of Education about potential changes to credit requirements or other ways to ensure seniors graduate on time, and then based on that, what the impact could be for commencement ceremonies.

"I didn't get the luxury to graduate, but my daughter has accomplished something in life and this is something she’s worked really, really hard on," Lewis said. "Is this virus, ya know, gonna be the reason my kid doesn’t get to walk? It could very well be, but at the same time, I'm grateful that she’s done so well."

Some districts told us they’re expecting the Department of Education to have a plan in place for seniors by the end of the day Friday. Then the schools will work with those students accordingly.

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Like every thing else, delay Graduation until school is completed. There are enough illiterate people on the streets now, don't need to add to it. School should go on into the summer to make up for missed time. If they think that school can be finished on line, then let's not have school buildings and cut back on over paid teachers. I don't like paying Taxes on schools and them not being used or needed. Virtual is the way to go, I guess.

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