Continued strong winds remain concerns for residents around the Portland area as trees continue to fall, crashing into homes, hitting vehicles and causing power outages.

Strong winds blew over a massive tree in Oregon City, ripping up decks, smashing fences and even crashing through a roof.

Three families are now dealing with the leftover damage, but mostly they're feeling thankful that nobody was hurt.

"Half of my deck is 8 feet in the air and the hole is about four feet deep, and it's crazy. I never expected that." Tree owner Scott Costanzo said.

Costanzo said he has lived here for 10 years but that the oak tree had weathered every other storm for more than 100 years.

Along with the deck, the tree broke part of a fence, and then took aim at the neighbor's roof.

Some heavy branches crashed onto Jeff Brinsfield's parents' home next door, ripping through the roof in the master bedroom. By a stroke of luck, the heaviest part of the tree fell directly between these two houses.

"If it would have fallen 12 feet more this way, it might have been more of a problem in their bed because that's where it would have hit,” Brinsfield said. “The shed wouldn't have stopped the force, it would have been the house."

The tree also smashed through another neighbor's deck, but the members of all three families escaped without a scratch.

In a different spot in Oregon City, arborists and city crews were concerned about a tree that didn’t fall.

While one large tree fell in Rivercrest Park overnight, another tree standing next to it stayed upright. The second tree is in danger of crashing, though, because the first tree pulled out the large root ball the two share, so crews have stabilized it until they can cut it down.

In southeast Portland, a tree crushed a truck and took out a power line at Southeast 32nd Place and Hawthorne.

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