Hillsboro man sentenced for pushing girlfriend off balcony

Sutherland booking photo (Image: Washington Co. District Attorney's Office)

A Hillsboro man was sentenced to 10 years and 8 months in prison and 3 years post-prison supervision on Monday for domestic violence charges involving pushing his girlfriend off their balcony

The Washington County District Attorney's Office said witnesses heard the suspect, Jordan Sutherland, 27, arguing with his girlfriend at their apartment on Sept. 11.

Witnesses had heard the woman yell ‘Don’t hurt me!’ and saw Sutherland push her off their third story balcony, according to investigators.

The victim was transported to a nearby hospital where she was treated for a fractured spine and a large laceration on her head that required fourteen staples.

However, the Washington County District Attorney's Office said Sutherland told a different story claiming that he had been trying to save his girlfriend as she fell from the balcony.

During the investigation, officials learned of an unreported incident in Aug. 2017 where Sutherland punched the victim and broke her jaw.

Sutherland was charged with multiple incidents of domestic violence including first-degree assault as well as charged with twelve separate counts of contempt while he was in jail for violating a court no-contact order with the victim.

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