Hillsboro Soccer Club continues to thrive despite quarantine challenges

HILLSBORO, OR (KPTV)- What a week is would be for some T-ball, track, lacrosse and youth soccer.

While the seasons are lost, the fun doesn’t have to hide in quarantine.

“Our club is the largest recreational club in the Portland-Metro area, and I believe in Oregon,” said Hillsboro Soccer Club Asst. Director of Coaching Mike Wall. “We have just over 2,500 kids in the recreational program and then on our competitive side we have just under 500.”

Get out. Get active. Get creative.

That’s what the Hillsboro Soccer Club has tried to cultivate since 1975.

“We’ve always had coaches that were very engaged to make sure the kids were used to playing at home, practicing at home, giving little individual challenges out, team challenges, things like that,” he said.

This isn’t how HSC thought season 45-would play out daily challenges on social media for their 3,000 soccer loving kids in the league.

When asked how he feels seeing the kids still working on their skills, Wall said:

“I think it’s brilliant. I think it’s absolutely fantastic and I am sure a lot of the kids, I would like to believe, would be playing at home anyway. Keeping up that enjoyment of the sport, whether if it’s soccer or any other sport so for me it’s a fantastic thing to see the kids taking on the challenges. They can sometimes be quite difficult and watching them get the immediate failure with it but then persisting with it and getting the challenges down,” he said.

One kid who is getting down with the challenges is 9-year-old third grader Pearson Morgan.

“We’ve been together about two years,” Morgan said.

FOX 12 asked Morgan about what kind of videos he’s been doing, he said.

“Well, footwork. My left foot and my right,” he said.

Working both feet for the love of the game until the beautiful game gets the all clear to return.

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