Home deliveries for legal pot underway in Oregon

Marijuana at Bridge City Collective on Southeast Grand. (KPTV)

Oregon’s legal marijuana industry is always evolving, and now you can order pot without ever leaving your home.

More than 150 marijuana retailers across the state have gotten approval from the OLCC to make home deliveries.

“Getting pizza delivered, getting beer delivered, getting cannabis delivered, seems like an obvious step,” said Micah Zaayer, the General Manager for Portland marijuana retailer Bridge City Collective. “Now we can reach a broader demographic, people that may not be able to conveniently come to one of our locations can now order online and get it within an hour.”

Bridge City Collective has been offering home delivery for about a month through an online platform called Stemless, which partners with more than a dozen local dispensaries.

Through the website (www.stemless.co), customers enter their zip code and the closest store comes up along with a menu of offerings. In a few clicks, an order is placed with taxes and delivery fees included. Then, the customer gets a link allowing them to track their delivery driver in real-time, just like on popular ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft.

“We go as far south as McMinnville, we have a few in Clackamas and Happy Valley, but the majority of [our partner retailers] are based around Portland,” said Stemless founder Koushi Sunder. “You can order cannabis and you don’t even need pants, and I think that’s really exciting.”

But this kind of delivery is governed by state regulations, just like brick-and-mortar marijuana retail stores.

For instance, deliveries can only be made to the city in which the retail store is located, and only under certain hours. A driver can have no more than $3,000 worth of product in the car at any given time, and it must be kept in a locked container. Deliveries can only be made to a residence – not campgrounds, hotels or school dorms, for instance. The person making the order must be 21 or older and show valid ID upon delivery.

Sunder said her company even goes beyond state regulations.

“It’s almost a little more strict, because on our platform a customer needs to upload a current copy of their license to even place an order, so without that we wouldn’t accept an order,” she said. “[Plus] a manager of a store can always see where their drivers are, so from a safety standpoint that is paramount. You’re carrying a lot of money, you’re carrying a lot of product, you can be a target, but we want to make things as safe as possible for the stores that are on our platform.”

To learn more about marijuana delivery and state regulations, read section “845-025-2880” beginning on page 38 here: https://www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Documents/TemporaryMarijuanaRules_adopted_102215.pdf.

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