Car owner holds suspects accused of trying to steal catalytic converter at gunpoint

KPTV scene photo

MULTNOMAH COUNTY, OR (KPTV) - Multnomah County Sheriff’s deputies say they detained three people in connection with an attempted catalytic converter theft in Maywood Park. The suspects were stopped and held at gunpoint by the car owner.

Deputies say they were called to a home off Northeast Skidmore Street just after 12:20 Monday morning. They say during their response they learned the person armed with a gun had confronted three people accused of trying to steal the catalytic converter from a car.

The car’s owner spoke to FOX 12 on Monday saying he and his partner were inside their home where they heard a noise. Initially they thought it was raccoons. The pair say they have been dealing with the critters who don’t seem to shy away any more.

The man said he grabbed a .22 pistol and headed outside. To his surprise, he says three people were trying to cut the catalytic converter from their car.

“I come out here and I see these guys they’ve got my car jacked up,” he said.

He said he confronted them with the hand gun and told his partner to call police, which she did.

“I have the two, basically I am pointing a gun at the two and the other guy is under the car and I hear a clunking noise and I go, if I hear that clunking noise one more time and he was like I am sorry I will stop,” the homeowner said.

Within minutes he says Multnomah County Deputies and Portland Police arrived.

Deputies say they detained three people, one of whom doesn't currently face charges. The other two were identified as Cody James Swartz, 30, and Cesar Camacho-Trujillo, 35. Swartz was charged with attempted theft, and Camacho-Trujillo was charged with attempted theft and held on a warrant out of Washington County.

In recent months the state has seen a surge in catalytic converter thefts. The Oregon Legislature is currently working on a legislation that would make it harder to sell the equipment. Catalytic converters are sought after because of the precious metals inside that value at thousands of dollars for a single ounce.

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(6) comments

Native Born

Good luck stealing any of our converters! The newest one is 32+ years old & most likely worn out. The other one is 37 years old is probably wore out too. The other truck at 50+ years old never had one!

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

First of all dude..get a shotgun or at least a 9mm. A .22 pistol? Seriously? With three guys, you would have needed at least 12 bullets to stop 'em all. Secondly, this catalytic converter theft stuff is gettin' outta hand. Glad I have a garage, and it's about time the government is doing something about the sale of stolen converters. Those who are paying for the stolen converters are just as slimy as the thieves.

Son of Fukov

"With three guys, you would have needed at least 12 bullets to stop 'em all."

Okay, who wants to go first? If someone was pointing a gun at me I wouldn't trying to see what caliber it was, especially at night. Kudos to the homeowner for defending his property. Unfortunately, the communist DA of Portland will likely not show him the revolving door as he does to the real criminals.


And the homeowner will get arrested for brandishing a firearm, never mind he was protecting his property. that is just the way it rolls in Multnomah county.


Is it not considered politically incorrect to defend your property in Portlandia?

pb sir

Well, you're going to have to, because the police can't/ won't do it anymore...

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