LEBANON, OR (KPTV) - Health officials continue to monitor people at the Oregon Veteran’s Home in Lebanon.

The Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs says eight people have tested positive for COVID-19 at the facility. A spokesperson says 28 tests have come back negative, with more still pending.

At Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital, those heading into the hospital were greeted with hand sanitizer. The hospital and urgent care have been a busy place the last few days.

“We have seen a surge of patients,” Samaritan spokeswoman Erin Causey said.

Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital CEO Marty Cahill says they are taking steps for patients and to slow the spread of the virus. He says those with symptoms should call ahead of any hospital visit.

“Make them aware of those symptoms and if they need to come in we will be able to set up an appointment with them so we can protect them as well as the other folks in the clinic to make sure we don’t spread the virus,” Cahill said.

The hospital’s response team has gotten creative in its response to the outbreak. They are using an old coffee shop next to urgent care as a way to do drive up testing.

“They stay in their cars to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” Causey said.

She adds those with symptoms who are told to go to urgent care are met by a nurse outside. If the symptoms warrant, the patient is then asked to get back in their car and go through the drive-thru for additional screening and testing.

“We will swab them and then we send them and ask them to stay at home and we send them home with home care instructions,” Causey said.

Samaritan says those who are showing symptoms should contact their primary care doctor first to see if the recommend going to the clinic.

The goal of the drive-thru testing is to limit exposure to staff and community members. The hospital is working on more safety measures.

“Most folks that do come down with COVID-19, they are going to be mild cases, they might not know that they have it and if they do have severe symptoms we are here to take care of them,” Cahill said.

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If the CDC said that most people who MIGHT come down with the Coronavirus will just have mild symptoms, then WHY, is ALL of the media claiming there could be, or will be, millions of deaths from this in the U.S.? Because........the big banks are BROKE. The Federal Reserve friday propped them up again by printing 500 BILLION DOLLARS of worthless paper money. The Fed has ALSO bailed these big banks with their millions paid annually CEO's, to the tune of 50 BILLION a day, just a couple months ago, adding up to 17 TRILLION DOLLARS! This is why we had the over bought stock market go up on Friday, they had money in which to operate solvently at least for one more week. Likely as not, we will see the markets in the U.S. next week level off. If they dip again, Maybe THEN we WILL see the total collapse of the dollar for good. The bankers now of course have a reason to fail, this phony, pumped up virus that has actually made sick thousands, which also the normal flu strains do thirty thousand deaths every year, and has only caused the deaths of less than 50 nationwide. Everyone, STOP panicking, wash your hands, stay away from crowds for a week or so, and return to your normal lifestyle, and quit hoarding boxes of TP. We have the media once again to thank for scaring the public into being dutiful servants and believing everything our crooked politicians tell us. They have been career LIARS all their lives. They don't know how to tell the truth, only to tax us to death, so they can live a life of luxury, making millions in Ukraine and from the weapons manufacturers voting to send our soldiers into another unwinnable conflict or war. Everyone, look at the "suspected" cases, do your OWN math, many cases are not confirmed coronas, because test kits are not available until Monday in quanity. Bill Gates wants to get you to give your DNA away so Google can sell it, and then force an unwanted vaccination on you with God knows what in it. The last vaccines I was give, I and several people I know got sick for over 6 months, everyday nausea, throwing up sick. Almost an entire battallion of soldiers were deathly ill given THAT flu vax for almost a month. Look it up if it hasn't been scrubbed from the web. Barium, Aluminum, live fetal cells, and many other nasty things in that flu vaccination, just 3 years ago. I STILL get sick for 3-4 days every month from that. I have no idea the long term effects, PLUS I STILL got the flu that year to boot! Calm down, and take it easy, but do some research before you believe everything you hear. I doubt they will leave this up for long, because I had the inclination to actually NOT panic and think for myself.

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