After seeing the iron rods sticking out of 34-year-old Paul Adams’ left leg and the scars all over his body, it’s almost shocking to hear him laugh. But Adams is trying to stay positive and he wants people to know how grateful he is for all of their support and prayers. “For people who do care – whether you’re my friend or a stranger or anything – I’m going to live!” he said Thursday. On Feb. 20, Adams was walking down the street in northeast Vancouver when a driver hit him and left the scene. Adams slipped into a coma for two weeks. He finally woke up at PeaceHealth Southwest Washington Medical Center and just two days later, the phone rang in his hospital room.

Adams said it was the driver who hit him. “He told me how sorry he was,” Adams said. “He said he had a wife and he was going to get his affairs in order before he turned himself in because he expected to go to prison over hitting me. And he hoped that when, on the day he turned himself in, that he would get a hold of a police officer and have the police officer meet him here and just come up and shake my hand or whatever." Adams said the call was brief and he was so stunned, he didn’t ask him anything. “People ask me, 'Did he say if he was high? Did he say if he was drunk? Did he say this or that?' And I didn’t think to ask any questions. I was just so shocked to talk to him," Adams said. Investigators found the car involved in the crash, but the driver is still missing. Adams said he isn’t focused on that. On Friday, doctors will amputate part of his left leg and his right leg could be next. Adams said he forgives the driver and, for now, he’s leaving the driver’s fate in the hands of investigators. “I hold nothing against the guy, I really don’t. The way I’ve lived my entire life is that if someone does something to me and they don’t mean to, I’ve never been angry with them," Adams said.

A GoFundMe account was started to support Adams.

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