Hot weather ahead, Energy Trust of Oregon provide tips to keep your energy bills from rising

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With hot weather in the forecast, you might be wondering how to keep your energy bills from rising along with the mercury.

These five tips come from the Energy Trust of Oregon and they’re all easy things you can do to help keep your home cool.

First, turn off anything that generates heat when you’re not home such as appliances, electronics and incandescent light bulbs.

Second, use fans to move the air around inside your home.

Next, if you do have A/C, set it between 72 and 75 degrees.

It may be a little warmer than you’d like, but it will help keep your energy bills down.

Fourth, check for gaps and cracks in your door and window seals, to make sure the cool air you’re paying for actually stays inside.

And fifth, use your windows wisely.

Open them at night to cool things down, and then close them in the morning and draw the blinds to keep the sun out.

“I think one of the common mistakes people make is they think that leaving their windows open all the time is the best way to cool their house down, but really the rule of thumb is if it’s hotter outside than it is inside, you want to close those windows up and use your drapes and blinds to keep it cool inside,” Lizzie Rubado with Energy Trust of Oregon said.

If you do open your windows a night and you have small kids, remember you need to have a window lock like this so your kids can’t fall through.

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