How to check if your eclipse glasses are approved for Monday


Everyone viewing the eclipse will need special glasses, but with all the recalls issued on the glasses, consumers may be wondering if they have the right ones and when they should wear them.

While legitimate glasses look pretty much the same as those being recalled, there are a few things to look out for, like if the glasses are marked as “ISO approved” and include the special numbers 12312-2.

Unfortunately, even some recalled glasses have included these marks.

The problem is that the manufacturer has not been approved. The American Astronomical Society has released a list of trusted manufacturers for eclipse glasses.

Another common question people have is when do they need to wear the eclipse glasses.

Experts say glasses need to stay on all the way until totality. That means people watching from Portland will need to wear the glasses the entire time because the metro won't experience totality.

There have also been questions about the safety of using welders’ goggles or a welding mask to look at the eclipse. According to NASA, only masks using glass rated shade 12 or darker are safe. NASA officials noted that is much darker than most welders masks.

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