PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Hundreds of people gathered in Terry Schrunk Plaza in downtown Portland for the Women’s March on Saturday.

The march was just one of many being held across the country. There was at least one Women’s March happening in all 50 states.

The Portland march began at 11:00 a.m. The organizer, Rose Lawrence, said they are here to march to make sure women's voices are heard and to support the Black Lives Matter Movement, among other things.

“Right now, the goal is no confirmation until inauguration and dump Trump, please,” Lawrence said.

The march was family-friendly and many people brought their children along. Jean Gray is a mother of two and said she wants to set an example for her kids.

“I think it’s important for me more than ever to show my daughter that her rights are just as important as my son’s rights,” Gray said. “And my rights are just as important as my husband’s rights, and just to be able to be here for her and take the time and energy to speak up.”

Leah Gordon is also a mother. She said it’s more important than ever for people to use their voices and stand up for what they believe in.

“As a mom, and I’m a healthcare provider and a concerned citizen, I feel like if we don’t show up and use our voices, then we’ll lose them,” Gordon said.

After several speakers addressed the crowd and a couple of performances, the hundreds of people marched together around downtown Portland.

“The people that I have speaking, which to me are really important members of our community, get a really amazing platform to have people hear what they have to say,” Lawrence said. “Which in this time, I think, is really important because of the election and all, and we need to amplify some voices to make change.”

There were nine other women’s marches that happened in Oregon on Saturday in different cities. The protest did remain peaceful.

Women's March in downtown

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(8) comments


Let me see if I understand what all these people want. They are unhappy with the country as it is today so in order to make a change they want the leadre of the country to be someone who has been in government for 47 years thus is responsible for anything that is wrong? Seems pretty stupid to me. Morons!


I am a woman and these weak minded women absolutely do not represent my ideas or beliefs. They take no responsibility for themselves and blame all of their own failures on others. They really need to stay home.


Did the "peaceful protesters" show up?


Can't send our kids to school or play sports but hundreds of people gather for protests something is perfectly ok..... Somebody doesn't have their priorities right? Normal people please place your life on hold while anyone having a reason to protest go ahead..... I am tired of this stuff Oregon!


Please list all the rights you do not have and include all the special rights that you do have, as a woman.


What are they protesting other than republicans?


BLM lives do not matter any more. The same goes for anyone who backs them.

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

Which rights are being taken away?

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