MT. ANGEL, Ore. (KPTV) – Mt. Angel's Oktoberfest will return on Sept. 16 through the 19 after last year's event was turned into a virtual and drive-up event.

Organizers said they expect between 200-300,000 people to attend throughout the weekend despite lingering COVID-19 concerns.

"We are looking forward to having everyone together again," Monica Boschsler, Director of PR & Marketing for Mt. Angel Oktoberfest, said.

Boschler said last year, the non-profits who have booths at the event collectively lost about $750,000.

Donna Bates, the Mt. Angel Senior Center director, said she's relieved the festival is back this year.

"There was a few rumors we could close if we didn't increase the income coming in and so this Oktoberfest was kind of a God-send for everybody," Bates said.

While they are looking forward to the return, Boschler said she understands why some people may choose to skip out this year.

"We appreciate this may not be the year everyone wants to come with COVID still lingering out there. It makes people nervous, and we respect that," she said. "If you don't come this year, hey, we'll be around next year and look for you then."

Boschler said they're going to do their best to comply with the state's mask mandates, but they won't be enforcing it.

"Even if we had a hundred security guards and all they ever said was put your mask on, put your mask on, put your mask on, there is going to be somebody that escapes that," she said. "So if some people are uncomfortable that some people might be unmasked, they might decide that this isn't for them."

But Bates said if you're coming to the senior center, COVID-19 safety protocols will be strictly enforced.

"I can't say what's going to go on out in the community, but in this store, we're having one way in and one way out, everybody has to wear a mask,' Bates said. "I don't care if you're vaccinated or not you will wear a mask, or you can't shop."

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Moved on

super spreader event

Liberal Wasteland

Lovely, another combo super spreader / DUIs event.


I look forward to this rain or shine. I will enjoy brawts, beer and more beer without a mask. Missed out last year due to comrade brown.


Hopefully the attendees will enjoy themselves and tell comrade Brown to kiss off by leaving the masks either at home or in the car.


What masks?


I'll have mine in my pocket in case I need to go into the senior center to rest up from all the action. :)

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