SALEM, OR (KPTV) - Anti-abortion advocates hit the streets of Salem Saturday afternoon for Oregon March for Life.

The rally around the State Capitol follows the 47th anniversary Roe v. Wade - a landmark Supreme Court case which legalized abortion nationwide.

Many at Saturday's march want to see the law struck down.

"When I am voting or supporting, this is my number one topic," said Brenda Gambee. "I have six kids, and I cannot imagine not having one of them, and to think that there are people that will abort a baby and they haven't even met that child."

Oregon also does not have any major restrictions on abortion - such as waiting periods - often found in other states.

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(4) comments

Just curious

This is to reply to Brenda Gambe about abortion: " I hope you are never raped by a stranger".


What a crass thing to say given this scenario makes up a small fraction of instances, but even in such an scenario, who are you or anyone else for that matter to deny someone such a basic human right (to life)? I would be willing to bet that if the neighbors bulldog busted into your yard and impregnated your shitzu against her will, that you would afford those pups more rights than you would a human being concieved under similar conditions. You would be up in arms if someone were to even think about terminating said pups.

Just curious

[thumbdown] I think you are crass also.[thumbdown][scared][scared]

Just curious

[alien] I have re-thought my answer and you are right. If it ever happens to me I would give up the child for adoption.

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