CLACKAMAS COUNTY, OR (KPTV)- A large group of President Donald Trump supporters met at Clackamas Town Center Saturday before they drove around the Portland area.

The group that started in Clackamas tells FOX 12 they wanted to show that the Pacific Northwest has more Trump supporters than people think.

“We absolutely love America, we love our president and we think he’s doing a fantastic job,” Amy Howell said.

Hundreds show up for Trump 2020 Cruise Rally in Clackamas County

KPTV Image

Well over 100 cars were a part of the Trump 2020 Cruise Rally. Those who came out said they came to show their support for the president.

“I don’t think the PNW really shows too much of its red, so when the opportunity shows, it’s a good time to get out and show some support, stay peaceful,” Takumi Vealy said.

As the queue of trucks left the parking lot, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police and Milwaukie police blocked traffic to allow the rally to drive by.

The caravan drove on Highway 99 east and attempted to cross over the Morrison Bridge— but counter protesters blocked the road.

A fight ensued, and those two people who were arrested by Portland police.

FOX 12 reached out to Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office and OSP about their decision to provide traffic control, asking if they would provide this security for other protests.

FOX 12 received the following statement from the Clackamas Sheriff’s Office:

One of the organizers of this rally reached out to us initially to make us aware of their plan. This event evolved with several groups merging over the last week. We were in contact with organizers so we would be aware of what to expect.

The decision to provide traffic control for this large event was made by our command. We treated this event just like any other large gathering in Clackamas County. Our mission was to provide safety for all and allow all to exercise their constitutional right to freedom of speech.

As to if we would have done this for other groups, yes. We have had several recent demonstrations in Clackamas County to include Happy Valley, two in Estacada and Wilsonville. During those events we provided the same traffic control efforts and even escorts, allowing marches to occur in the roadway.

The Clackamas Town Center also issued a statement on the event:

“Clackamas Town Center is private property and we are not affiliated with this political event. We worked closely with PD to help ensure that our shopping center operations were not impacted and that we were able to provide a peaceful experience for our guests and tenants.”

The rally is expected to conclude at 9:00 p.m.

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(20) comments


Seeing all the American flags proudly displayed filled my heart with joy!

Husky Loyalist

It was not hundreds. It was thousands with hundreds of vehicles with flags.


Even CNN wouldn't show the huge caravan of cars and trucks while covering the recent shooting here. Instead, they showed blm protestors, because showing the tremendous support Trump has would contradict their narrative!


YAY!!!! Trump supporters compared to Biden supporters are like night and day,4 more years 4 more years 4 more years!!!!!![thumbup][beam]




Trump 2020 and beyond




If you'd like to see what happened when this group tried to drive through Portland, google "Andy Ngo Twitter" and watch the collection of video feeds. The information on his twitter feed is painting a different picture of Portland that what the local media releases to the public. Be informed.



Husky Loyalist

Gee, no rioting, no assaults, no foul language, no hate. Why was this even news in Portland? Shocked. If they say a few hundreds of people then you know there were thousands.


There was one of the "Proud Boys" shot and killed downtown. There is also video of protesters cheering when ANTIFA announced it. Video is available on Andy Ngo's twitter account.


In watching the TV News coverage all of the Trump supporters were normal looking people driving nicer cars and trucks and being positive. They work for a living and support the police.They were not painting graffiti on public property, not breaking into businesses, not throwing fireworks, not throwing bags of urine, not throwing rocks, not causing a disturbance until the low life's blocked the road. People are fed up with this situation going on right now and are starting to take it into their own hands. My hat's off to you. Good job.


Republicans create JOBS, while democrats create MOBS.[thumbup][thumbup]


One of the pick-up trucks in this convoy hit me on I-5 in their attempt to switch lanes. They were driving recklessly trying to cross three lanes of traffic, hit my car and then continued on. Regardless of any political affiliation, this was a hit and run.


So??? Why are you posting this here? Make out an accident report with DMV and let the insurance companies decide who was at fault you leftist Royce!!


I have - just wanted to point out that there was reckless driving on I-5 and i was a victim of a potential felony hit and run. BTW i am not a democrat or leftist - Any reason why these persons in the Trump convoy didn’t stop?




Call the police.. Oh wait you guys want to defund the police.....


Kenny Rogers

It's "Milwaukie," not "Milwaukee." We're in Oregon, not Wisconsin. Thank you KPTV for being on top of things.



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