'I don’t get why people are so reluctant to save somebody else’s life': COVID-19 longhauler reacts to rising case numbers, hospitalizations

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV)- Oregon Health Authority reported Wednesday that there are now 406 Oregonians hospitalized with COVID-19, the highest number seen since the beginning of the pandemic.

Right now, there are only 127 ISU beds open in the entire state.

One COVID-19 long hauler, Chelsea Alionar, said we wouldn't be seeing these increasing case numbers and hospitalizations if people just wore their masks and limited their social footprint.

It's been 254 days since Alionar was diagnosed with COVID-19, and she's still suffering mentally and physically. She's still symptomatic.

"There hasn't been a day in the last 254 days that I haven't shed tears because I don't know why we're still talking about this," Alionar said. "Headache was my very first COVID symptom, and that stuck with me. I have GI issues, nausea and vomiting, blurry vision."

As daily case counts continue to break the 1,000 mark and Oregon continues to set records, Alionar said she can't help but feel angry that there are still people who won't wear their masks and avoid social gatherings.

"When I see these things every day, I yell at the TV like I'm watching a football game or something. I am so livid that we cannot get our shoot together," Alionar said. "I don't get why people are so reluctant to save somebody else's life."

Now that we're a week out from Thanksgiving, she's urging people to consider this before gathering with their families next week.

"What about next Thanksgiving? What about next Christmas? Do you want the person who should be sitting to your left or to your right to be with you next year?" Alionar asked.

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If you are over 50 and/or have health issues, perhaps you should stay home. On the other hand, if the younger crowd all had this and were no longer carriers, the disease would die out. Being almost 70, I isolated myself over 10 months ago and wear a mask. I get many deliveries at my door and wave to the delivery people with a "thanks." I am glad the younger folks are still on the job. 160 degree heat and ultraviolet kill a virus, with long enough exposure, so we can treat our food and masks at home. I am more threatened by a tyrannical government than I am 30 year olds exposing each other.


Just because some purchase and act has a minuscule chance of saving someone's life does not make it worthwhile. If that was the logic, we would all be bubble wrapping our cars just because it might save someone's life. We all die eventually, in many different ways. It is a matter of risk assessment whether to do something or not. This virus is highly targeted, which means the only thing we should be doing is directly protecting the high risk. That is NOT being done well or properly by the authorities. Otherwise our Constitutional rights cannot be taken from us. Gov Noem of SD, and DeSantis of FL are a few model governors that understand the balance without taking basic rights.


Fine, you can be mad. Be a good little obedient serf and cower in your hole. This virus has a survival rate of over 98%. My father, who is 83, spent 3 only days in the hospital (none in ICU). He also has asthma and COPD. According to all the "experts", this should have been a death sentence. We're tired of the scare tactics. These restrictions are about power and control over your lives.

Husky Loyalist

Instead of writing articles about one person's non factual, emotional position, why not write about the true statistics from the Oregon Health Authority. For instance, the mortality rate as of 11/19/20 is the lowest yet from the virus in Oregon at just 1.32% of the positive cases and 0.080% of all those tested. Hospitalizations is only 6.5% of the positives and for those under 19 yro it is 1% of those 10 yro and older and 2% of those 9 yro and younger. A total of 111 hospitalizations of those under 20 years old. Think about it - 788 deaths (51% are over 80 yro) out of 4.4 million Oregonians. The irrational response by the Governor is hiding in plain sight for everyone to see instead of just swallowing the sensational false reporting..

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Wow..that was pretty logical..for a husky fan.


Yet more lies and scare tactics. Only thing that's going to stop the China virus from spreading is herd immunity.

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