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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - New data from the Portland Police Bureau shows that compared to last year, shootings are up more than double in June and July.

FOX 12 spoke to a woman who says someone shot five times through her bedroom while her two 3-year-old grandchildren were inside, and she has no idea who it was or why she would be targeted.

“It’s scary. It’s hard to sleep at night,” said Jaime McKay. “Even my granddaughter, she can’t even sleep very well. She wakes up, ‘get down, get down!’ Screaming.”

Police say they’re investigating a shooting at McKay’s apartment complex that happened Tuesday night on SE 166th Ave. near Powell Butte Nature Park.

Surveillance video from just after 11 p.m. captures someone shoot into McKay’s home while she was inside.

“I felt something go past my head,” McKay said.

This is just one of the many shootings that's happened in Portland since the PPB’s Gun Violence Reduction Team disbanded July 1.

So far, the bureau has tracked 63 non-suicidal shootings from July 1 through July 26. That’s already more than double compared to July of 2019.

PPB Chief Chuck Lovell said Thursday there has been 22 deaths since May 4, 15 deaths in July alone.

“We're gonna resource some more people to the detective division to help follow up and do some investigation on those, but also we need to focus on doing some proactive work to maybe keep some of these numbers from increasing,” Lovell said in a press conference Thursday.

Between late Wednesday night and Thursday morning, police investigated two shootings.

The first happened around 11 p.m. Officers responded near Woodlawn City Park on Northeast Dekum Street. Police say someone was visiting the memorial of the murder victim from the previous night and was shot in the leg.

On Thursday morning around 8 a.m., officers responded to the Parkrose neighborhood on Northeast Sandy Boulevard, where they discovered a shooting victim.

Police say the suspects have not been found in either of the shootings.

As for McKay’s case, police are also still investigating.

“Scary thinking that I could not be here right now, or one of the kids could’ve got shot, because it went all the way through to the living room,” McKay said.

Aside from March, shootings this year have been up every single month.

Lovell said the numbers are concerning, and the absence of GVRT is forcing them to think of other resources they can apply to shooting investigations.

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PEACEFUL SHOOTINGS!! dont disagree with me or youre a biggot! now someone send a social worker

Roberto Estrello Demar

What brought some fool to fire those bullets for excitement? What was he taught in school? What if, instead of learning anger, he had been required to memorize and internalize such things as Kipling's poem "If." (Look it up, if you need to) People NEED a call to a higher plane of living. Crime causes Poverty, every time.


Hardesty has this under control.


And they locked Mike Strickland up for drawing his weapon in the face of the oncoming mob, that had injured him previously. The Left rules Portland.


Summer of love! Portland liberals reaping the benefits of being stupid. Clearly they dont care about black lives because less police means MORE MINORITIES GET KILLED.

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