BEAVERTON, OR (KPTV) – The Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board is investigating a complaint filed against a doctor at the Companion Pet Clinic in Beaverton.

Allan Worman had to make the tough decision to put down his dog just a few weeks ago.

"My dog was 14-years-old, she had a spinal problem we kind of nursed her along for a long, long time to keep her along, and finally I decided it was time to go," Worman said.

Worman says he took Coco to Companion Pet Clinic off Allen Boulevard in Beaverton Oct 9. He says he made sure the staff knew he wanted to be with Coco during her final moments.

He says Dr. Daniel Koller was the physician handling the euthanasia process.

"She laid her head down and he grabbed her and took her," Worman said. "So, I watched where he was going wondering what the heck he was doing. And he didn't come back, so I looked around the corner, the door was open, and the first thing I'd seen was it looked like masking tape around her nose and I thought what the heck is he doing."

Worman says that's when Koller barged into the room.

"He starts really choice words, telling me to get the heck out and I says, 'well this is not the way that it was supposed to go down,' and then we kind of yelled at each other for a couple minutes and he says, 'well, I'm going to reverse the sedation and you get your damn dog out of here," Worman said.

He says his dog was given a shot to reverse the sedation, then he left and found another vet.

Companion Pet Clinic and Koller had no comment in response to these allegations, but this isn't the first time questions have been raised about  Koller's practices.

FOX 12 has been reporting about complaints against the doctor since the early 2000s.

The Oregon Veterinary Board says it can't discuss details of complaints or investigations but it did confirm Koller's license was revoked in 2008 and reinstated in 2015.

Worman says he's hoping his complaint will put an end to Koller's practice.

"It's hard, but I'm sticking up for my Coco," he said. "I just don't want to see other pets hurt."

Worman says he will be out protesting in front of the clinic every day this week.

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Watching the news segments tonight has been absolutely heart wrenching. How can a MURDERER continue to practice? Let alone walk around as a free citizen and not be incarcerated? I don’t even know why this is a question. Anybody including the Oregon Veterinary Medical Board who has continued to allow him to practice in the past, and who is continuing to allow him to practice at this very moment, is COMPLICIT and SHARES GUILT in every single incident involving any animal that this killer has treated and continues to treat! This is absolutely unconscionable and we all should be outraged! I hope that hundreds of people show up on November 26 at 8:30 AM to his arraignment! HOW DARE OVMB CONTINUE TO ALLOW HIM TO PRACTICE!!!!!!!!


I had a bad experience with Companion Pet Clinic when I took my rescued dog in to have his nails clipped. I was charged for a comprehensive exam yet the vet couldn't tell me what the exam consisted of..They took my dog w/o me and when they brought him back to me, he'd been drugged (w/o my permission) Then the receptionist tried to add charges so my bill was $800+ instead of the $80 that I actually owed..I would NEVER go back there.


Dr. Daniel Koller... Perhaps you should pursue a career at an Abattoir. It seems you may just prefer this occupation over healing.... Be very ashamed!!

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