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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Graffiti marks the spot under the St. John’s Bridge where an illegal skate park is being built.

Buckets, tools and even unused concrete mix can be seen under the bridge in a viewer picture sent to FOX 12.

A message is written on the walls in graffiti telling people not to use social media and that this is a positive project.

“It’s ridiculous,” St. John’s resident, Tom Corbett said. “Come on.”

“It’s not a good look,” John Huckfeldt said.

Don Hamilton, Spokesperson for the Oregon Department of Transportation, told FOX 12 the park is actually dangerous.

“There’s a lot of unsafe conditions going on over here,” he said.

Hamilton said the skate park is being built in the bridge’s cable house.

“This is part of the main structure that holds the St John’s bridge in place,” he said. “This has been there since 1931. It’s been there for a long time. We can’t do anything that upsets the basic tension of the bridge in there.”

Hamilton said pouring a couple hundred pounds of concrete is one way to potentially upset it.

“It’s putting on some unstable weights that we don’t really know the impact of in there,” he said.

Hamilton assured FOX 12 they don’t see an immediate threat to the bridge right now, but he said it’s something they plan to take care of soon.

ODOT has posted a sign asking for all personal belongings to be removed from the area. Hamilton also told FOX 12 they have an idea of the person behind the park and they’ve spoken to that person.

“We have to make sure that there’s enough time allowed in here for the owner to remove whatever personal belongings that there are in this area in there,” he said.

He said a temporary fence has also since been put up to make sure people don’t come to the area, but it has already been cut.

He said they do have a plan to remove the concrete that has been placed down when workload allows.

“There’s no really easy access in or out of this site in there,” Hamilton said. “This is not permitted for something like this.”

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(1) comment

old guy

Hi, it seems folks can build campgrounds anywhere in the city they want.
If you want to pitch a tent on the sidewalk downtown and roll around in your own waste doing drugs , the city will even provide the needles . But if some kids
want to lower our standard of living with a " shocking illegal skate park " we will not stand for it . Insanity.

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