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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) -  The quakes in Southern California are a reminder that we also live in earthquake country here in the Pacific Northwest, and you never know when one could hit.

An earthquake is a no-warning emergency. Amelia Holmes with the Red Cross Cascades Region said that means you need to have an emergency kit ready to go without warning.

"We want to make sure we’ve taken the steps necessary so that ourselves and our families are safe in case something like that does happen," Holmes said. Just for your peace of mind, just knowing that your family is going to be covered because you’ve already put your kit together can go a long way."

She said the kit needs to be easily accessible; better yet have one at home, at work and in the car.

At the minimum, it should include food and water for each family member for at least three days, a first aid kit, medications and things like extra eye glasses, and important documents and cash in case you have to leave home.

Her bag has some other useful items too like gloves and emergency blankets.

She said have a plan, communicate that plan, and make sure the kids understand what to do.

"If we’re in different parts of town, if someone’s across the river, what are we going to do, who are we going to call, and where are we going to meet up," she said.

She suggests picking up a couple extra items a week at the store to start filling that emergency kit up.

They have more tips on earthquake-preparedness in their Prepare! Guide.

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