Mariana Ruiz-Temple

Mariana Ruiz-Temple, photo courtesy OSP 

SALEM, OR (KPTV) – As firefighters across the state tackle a series of serious wildfires, the Oregon State Fire Marshal has suddenly changed leadership.

Oregon State Police announced Saturday morning that Fire Marshal Jim Walker had been placed on paid administrative leave. OSP had appointed Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal Mariana Ruiz-Temple as acting Oregon State Fire Marshal.

By Saturday afternoon, OSP named Ruiz-Temple as Oregon State Fire Marshal after Walker offered his resignation.

Superintendent OSP Travis Hampton released the following statement: “Mariana is assuming this position as Oregon is in an unprecedented crisis which demands an urgent response. This response and the circumstances necessitated a leadership change. I have the absolute confidence in Mariana to lead OSFM operations through this critical time. She it tested, trusted and respected – having the rare combination of technical aptitude in field operations and administration.”

OSP did not say why the change in leadership was made.

Oregon is currently facing a fire season unlike any in recent memory due to the number and size of wildfires currently burning in the state.

Two of the largest near the Portland metro area, the Beachie Creek Fire in Marion County and the Riverside Fire in Clackamas County, have burned hundreds of thousands of acres combined.

In total, wildfires have burned 1 million acres this week in Oregon, according to Oregon Office of Emergency Management on Friday. 

MORE: FOX 12’s continuing coverage of the wildfires.

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(6) comments


Don’t have to look for rampant incompetency in Oregon government, it starts at the top.

Roberto Estrello Demar

If she has a good supporting bureaucracy (built by her predecessor) she will do ... just fine. Good luck!

Roberto Estrello Demar

Hmm! At least a double minority, and the new hire earns her chops right up front! Nice find! Kate knows how those things work, right? How long was she groomed for this upgrade? It took Kate ... YEARS! (Yes, we watched.It was Democrat Party Destiny! As soon as they were done with her predecessor ... he was LUNCH!) Somebody in personnel (and others) will get a nice performance review for this!

Mr Q

Remember kiddies.... if you do NOT adhere to the leftwing agenda you will be silenced/removed


Of course he was. Probably would not lie for Gov. Brown


No reason huh? So now the State Police and the States Fire Marshall are women?

Hmmmm You Go Katie Brown!

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