Inclusion and basketball celebrated on and off the court in Gaston

Image: KPTV

Inclusion and basketball, it’s a match made in middle school round ball heaven in Gaston.

Lucas Hicks is an inspiring seventh-grader who is living some hoop dreams and making life-long friends along the way.

“He has more heart than anyone of us on the team,” said teammate John Garner.

Hicks is described as the heartbeat of the Gaston Junior High Greyhound brotherhood.

“He teaches us patience and self-control, to just enjoy the game, because not everything has to be a competition,” Garner said.

After relocating from Forest Grove via Beaverton two years ago, the Hicks family has found an extended family in Gaston.

“The amount of people who are watching, and the things that they are not only doing for Lucas but for each other, their classmates, their friends, the staff, their teammates, the other schools that play us, they are having a huge impact on those people and I don't even realize what that means,” said Nora Hicks.

Everyone involved says the community is about inclusion.

“You’ve got to always expand your friend range,” said teammate Brandon Clowdus. “Even if someone isn’t like you, you need to treat them like they are your family.”

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