Suspect in fatal Portland shooting of right-wing activist killed during attempted arrest, US Marshals say

Police walk past evidence markers at the scene where Michael Reinoehl was killed as investigators moved in to arrest him in Lacey, Washington.

THURSTON COUNTY, WA (KPTV) - A suspect wanted for the murder of a man associated with a pro-Trump rally in Portland was armed with a gun when he was shot 37 times by law enforcement officers near Lacey, Washington, according to investigators.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office released new details Wednesday in the officer-involved shooting of 48-year-old Michael Reinoehl.

Reinoehl was wanted for killing 39-year-old Aaron “Jay” Danielson. Danielson was shot and killed in downtown Portland after a caravan of President Donald Trump supporters drove through Portland.

Reinoehl, in an interview with Vice News after the shooting, said he was acting in self-defense. A warrant was issued for his arrest and Reinoehl went into hiding.

He was found in an unincorporated area of Thurston County, Washington by members of the Pacific Northwest Violent Offender Taskforce and the U.S. Marshals Service.

Investigators reported Wednesday that Reinoehl exited an apartment with two bags and got into his car parked on the street. Officers moved in, all with clear markings on their vests “and witnesses also reported they were easily identified as police officers,” according to the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office report.

Two officers stated that Reinoehl began reaching toward the car’s center console and one officer believed Reinoehl “presented” a handgun toward them.

Officers then began to fire at Reinoehl in the vehicle.

The officers stated that Reinoehl got out and went behind the car, as officers continued to fire at him.

Investigators stated Reinoehl “continued to reach around his waistband and was attempting to manipulate his firearm.”

The suspect then moved toward two other officers who were firing at him, according to the sheriff’s office report, and “had his hand near his waistband and pocket where they observed a firearm.”

Reinoehl fell to the ground “and still had his hand on the firearm partially withdrawn from his pocket,” according to investigators.

Reinoehl’s hands were removed from the gun by the officers and he was placed in handcuffs prior to CPR and other medical aid being rendered. The gun was left in his pocket by the officers, according to investigators.

Investigators determined a total of 37 rounds were fired at Reinoehl by four different officers. Two officers fired handguns, two fired rifles.

One fired shell casing was also recovered from a .380 caliber handgun in Reinoehl’s car. Investigators are awaiting results from the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab regarding that casing and the weapons in Reinoehl’s possession.

Attorney General William Barr described Reinoehl as “a self-described Antifa member.”

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(22) comments


Probably used all their allotted rounds and will have to buy their own this month:) Actually, assuming they all had 9 or 10 round magazines, probably only took about 10-15 seconds.


Because 36 was most likely not enough. We weren't there.


Good riddance.


Two lives lost why because of hate. Sad but simple.

FedUp person murdered due to hatred; the second one lost for murdering someone in cold blood because of their personal hatred! If your loved one had been murdered by someone is cold blood you would see it differently, I'm sure! The person the police killed had nothing to lose by shooting an officer of the law. It ended the way it should have less murderer in town!

Mr Q

play stupid games.. win stupid prizes



Eliza Cassan

Can't wait to see Hardesy's plan of sending social workers to a call like this instead of police. She will have blood on her hands in no time. She does not understand that sending unarmed civilians to encounter armed criminals is a bad idea


For sure...and having Hardesty in the position she is in is a REALLY BAD IDEA!!!


Oh I see! The guy who was shot killed an innocent man and the police are supposed to have a pow wow to see who should shoot him? H___ NO!!!


Antifa lover !!!

Frederick Fukov

So much for the cop hating, antifa loving liars who post here, claiming that Reinoehl was unarmed, and was holding a cell phone when justice was served, and he was put down like the animal he was.

Self defense? Yeah right. Witnesses reported that Reinoehl was bragging earlier the evening Danielson was kiIIed, about wanting to kiII a Trump supporter. The video shows him confronting Danielson, then firing. There was no self defense. That was a premeditated, cold blooded murder. Then he goes on social media and brags about it, showing no remorse whatsoever. Dude was a low life, sub-human loser, just like all of the others who are in the streets of Portland every night, trying to destroy the city. Every single one of them should meet with the same fate as Reinoehl. The world would be far better off.


Amen !! Right on !!!


Lock and load




While we’re discussing police reform, maybe we should consider the “Barney Fife” bullet per gun, to be kept in the shirt pocket.

Roberto Estrello Demar

That's pretty poor shooting, if you ask me.


He had a gun. Exactly how were those cops supposed to know who he would start shooting at? They couldn't have known so they did what anyone would do when a gun is pointed at them. They all started shooting baçk in SELF DEFENSE. Until you're in a situation like that you have absolutely no clue.

Frederick Fukov

Actually, no it's not. The suspect is dead, and he ain't comin' back. Mission accomplished.


Let’s stop giving this asperger with cheese press. He’s dead and no one cares. Move on.




Yep!!! Right on!!!

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