PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Fire officials are investigating a series of fires they believe were deliberately set in north Portland Wednesday morning. According to a Portland Fire & Rescue spokesperson, no one was hurt.

Six fires in total erupted in a half hour period along a stretch of North Interstate Avenue, mainly in the Humboldt neighborhood. Some were only a couple blocks away from each other.

In the Boise neighborhood, investigators believe the first fire was set to a van just before 5 a.m. The woman who lives at the house where the van is parked told FOX 12 when she woke up and looked outside, she saw her fence and car were both on fire. She didn’t want to show her face on camera or be identified because she feels her family was targeted.

“It’s just traumatizing. I mean, to be screaming, ‘Call 911!’ and screaming to get my daughter out of bed and, you know, the pets out of the house, it’s just terrifying. It’s just so unexpected, and it’s just so traumatizing,” she said.

Investigators looking into six north Portland fires they believe were set deliberately

Image: KPTV

The woman saw the flames were feet away from her daughter’s room. Everyone’s safe, but she said her Eurovan, her only car, is ruined. She said she has no insurance to cover the $25,000 it's worth.

She also said nothing really ever happens in her neighborhood, until about a month ago when she said two Teslas appeared to be set on fire.

“I don’t know what the message is. I can’t figure it out. That’s what I’ve been saying all day: What is the message?… Did they not like the stickers on my car?… I just don’t know what it was and why we were targeted.”

Meanwhile, firefighters said the five other fires also involved more cars and some detached garages. One structure was storage for nearby bar George's Corner Tavern. Firefighters said one duplex was evacuated, but crews were able to keep the flames from spreading.

Portland Fire & Rescue officials are asking for anyone with video of what happened, or potential suspects, to give them a call.

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Antifa says they want to "burn the city down". I guess they are living up to their promise. Don't worry, feckless Ted and Useless Mike will let them do it.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Uhh..could you be a little more specific about the stickers on your car? And btw, stickers on VWs back in the 60s were cute, but why on earth anyone would put stickers on cars today is beyond me. It's like..ooohh..I must make a statement and let everyone else know about it. Well, sure, that's just fine and dandy..if you..ya know..wanna paint a big bullseye on your back I s'pose

I feel bad for these innocent people caught in the crossfire of Teds and JoAnns world.


Innocent? ... well some people say they got what they voted for. While still others will say they stood by and allowed the anarchists to take control of their city! Because 'social justice' is blind to law and order justice.

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