PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Grocery delivery apps sure are convenient, especially during a pandemic, but are they worth some of the extra costs? 

FOX 12 decided to compare three different ones from Fred Meyer, Instacart and Safeway, ordering similar groceries from each place.

Fred Meyer's delivery app came out to $39 for everything. Once you add the $9.95 delivery fee, the actual total came out to $48.95. The fastest delivery available was within two hours.

The app Instacart allows people to choose different stores to get groceries delivered from. FOX 12 chose Fred Meyer again to best compare the price.

Instacart came out to $38.91. It added a service fee of $2.00.

Grocery Delivery App

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While free delivery is offered for the first order, Instacart's website said it's normally a $3.99 delivery fee, making the total price $44.90. The fastest delivery available was also within two hours.

Safeway came out to $44.74, but after adding a Safeway Club Card number, it went down to $41.15.

Safeway offered free delivery for the first order, but online it said a $9.95 delivery fee is typical, which would bring the grand total to $51.10.

Overall, Safeway had more expensive groceries, even for some of the same brands ordered from Fred Meyer and Instacart. The first delivery available for Safeway was two days later.

Safeway, however, stated it did not accept tips for delivery drivers on its site. Both Fred Meyer and Instacart recommend a tip, which would add a little bit to the overall price.

These are not the only places to get groceries delivered from. Either way, it could be a good option if you want to save some shopping time or not venture out to a store.

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(6) comments

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Having someone else pick out my produce for me? No thanks. The only reason I can see for this service, is for people who are compromised, and just don't want to go out of the house or get out of their car at all. Personally, I don't mind grocery shopping, and it's not that hard to social distance, wear two masks if it makes you feel better, don't touch freezer doors with your bare hands, and use hand sani as soon as you get back the car.


If one absolutely loathes having to go to the store and deal with the general public then yes it is definitely worth the cost.

This is, of course, an entirely subjective matter and the fact KPTV thinks they can approach this subject and reach an objective conclusion is just plain stupid.


Safeway is the most expensive. No surprise there. Won't be long before they go out of business.

Native Born

Now that Safeway & Albertsons are the same we have noticed both stores have higher $ & we were so disappointed when Albertsons 1st arrived in our area as they were just a big empty store with not much real food value inside.


Why didn't you compare Walmart?

Native Born

Or how about Win-Co? Although we don`t shop there many of our neighbors do.

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