'It is time to ask for help': Enchanted Forest at risk of closing sets up GoFundMe

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TURNER, OR (KPTV) –A beloved Oregon family attraction said they are at risk of closing due to COVID-19.

The Enchanted Forest said they were a thriving business without debt before the coronavirus pandemic, according to a post on Facebook.

Due to restrictions set in place by Governor Brown, they closed for a few months and then were only able to partially reopen for the second half of the season, but it hasn't been enough.

The Enchanted Forest is scheduled to celebrate its 50th anniversary next August and said they're determined to make it to that milestone.

The Enchanted Forest has set up a GoFundMe for anyone who wishes to help.

An online auction has also been created to benefit The Enchanted Forest. 

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Frederick Fukov

Sorry Enchanted Forest. Not until after the election. Those are the rules now. Everything has to be weighed against the political ramifications. It's no longer about what's good for the business owner, the employees, the students, and the average tax paying citizens; it's all about what's best for the democrat (working families) party. Btw..what's up with the democrat party being allowed to add "working families" as a tag to "democrat" on the official election ballots? Talk about crooked politics. This state government has the worst form of corruption I've ever seen.


'A beloved Oregon family attraction said they are at risk of closing due to COVID-19.' No, 'Covid-19' had nothing to do with it, but rather the tyrant queens unconstitutional and draconian economy destroying lock downs had everything to do with it. Hold her personally responsible if you wind up having to close.

Pubic Zirconium

I'm surprised there hasn't been a class action lawsuit filed against her, or if there has, it sure hasn't made much noise in the media.


Because Kate has installed EVERY JUDGE in Oregon. So it's a losing bet to file anything against her royal highness in this state. It's going to take Federal action to remove her.

Or a peasant revolt.

"Let them eat cake" Brown

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